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I have for sale 4-Fluoroamphetamine. In lab mice, 1mg/kg was enough to produce short acting entactogenic effects and long lasting CNS stimulation.

250mg: $7
500mg: $13
1000mg: $22

I will accept payment via Alertpay, Paypal, or Moneygram. Free priority shipping if you pay with Moneygram.

Buyer of course acknowledges that this is being bought for research purposes only, and is not intending to use it for human consumption. Im not responsible for any misuse, injury, or legal mishaps that may occur.

Shipping will be done via USPS(USA customers only for now, sorry). You may purchase signature confirmation for $1.50, or priority shipping with tracking for $5. I will not replace orders that were lost in the mail unless you use one of the latter methods.

I do not do samples, per se. Simply because sample moochers waste my time and resources. However, if this is your first order, and you leave positive feedback in my thread, I will send you 500mg free. If you leave positive feedback or my site on Safe-or-Scam, you will receive a full gram.

Contact/Ordering: Details via www.eeresearch.biz

2c-I and 4-AcO-DMT coming soon. Also available are ultra-potent 500mg/g JWH incense blends. These can be located on the site, as I did not want to constipate the trading post with yet another incense blend thread.
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