Is this fire extinguisher good?

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I got a fire extinguisher for $10 at a yard sale. The little breakable plastic tie thing is still in place on the valve. There is no pressure gauge on the thing though. But it's fucking heavy as fuck, so Im guessing it's still full. Is it likely still safe to rely on in the event it's needed? Was going to test it but I didn't want to waste any of the retardanty goodness.


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    Well, I wouldn't trust it. Perhaps you should test it. Just a little bit wouldn't hurt. Man it would be awesome if someone sprayed my naked ass with it.
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    Once you break the seal on a fire extinguisher you may as well toss it out if it is not rechargeable. And by break the seal I don't mean the little ring that is put on the release after it is inspected. I am talking about the pressure seal that is released when you actually use it. Trust e on this one. My father was a firefighter for 30 years and I ran the office of Fair Lawn Fire Equipment in Patterson, NJ for a year.
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