Defeating keyloggers?

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So I've got a room mate, and they have been using my laptop quite a bit. I want to make sure they aren't keylogging me. Is there a reliable way to defeat a keylogger? How can I test if it is actually working?


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    Malwarebyte, Avast would be your first defense, a good Firewall would be able to pick it up. A Rootkit detector would work as well. Check the Windows event logs for installation event and check any running process. Google is your friend.
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    The best way to defeat a software keylogger? Format your PC, reinstall your OS and make sure you're running a decent AV.
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    I run a keylogger in my linux OS. If anyone asks to borrow my computer, I warn them I have a keylogger installed & they back away from using it to check their fb and shit.
    Format it and install your own keylooger bro.
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