How to change your MSL code on the zte warp

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You must already have your phones msl code for this to work

Click the link below to download DFS. Its a fully working demo

that you can use as many times as you want plus its better then CDMA Workshop and totally free

Download CDMA Tool DFS software.


Using your dialer dial *983*87274#
Choose Only Diag or if your only internet is tether (like me)
Choose All Functions

Open DFS and wait till the countdown completes

If you did not see which com port your phone installed to. Dont worry DFS knows.

Click on the port button


Now in the port list look for ZTE Handset Diagnostic Interface and double click it once there's a green circle next to it its activated.


Find the SPC box and type in your MSL code

Click the blue circle next to the word SPC to send the unlock code

If you entered it correctly this is what it will say on the log


Click on the programing tab to get to the SPC edit area

From here go down below SPC where it says STR and enter any six digit number you want your MSL to be in the white box.

The last thing to do is to click the red write button and your

finished changing your MSL just reboot your phone for changes to take effect
You can also click reset in DFS to reboot



When phone reboots open DFS
Go to place where you input the MSL code and test your new code and see if you get the unlocked successful text in the log.

Or find a place that needs your MSL code in your phone and try it.

If it works open dialer again and enter *983*87274# and this time choose AT or usb will not work.


Write down the original MSL code in case you need to change it back later.

I am not sure if your new MSL has to be 6 digits or not.

The MSL can only be numbers.

I would call the dial code leaving out the last # first
Then in your call list hold down on the number click edit
before call and just add the last # so you dont have to
remember the code or dial it.

If you enter the wrong MSL more then twice your phone will ether freeze or reboot.

I am not sure if you have to be rooted or not

I take no responsibility if you mess up your phone doing this if that is even possible.
If you dont have your MSL code follow this guide


  • Darth BeaverDarth Beaver Meine Ehre heißt Treue
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    What, exactly, does this accomplish?
  • white88enochianwhite88enochian Regular
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    so i have posted this messege 3 times not sure why it didnt show up

    reason to change msl/spc is so its easier to remember

    u need your msl code to edit the sprint proxies to make 3g faster

    my next guide is how to change your prl
  • Darth BeaverDarth Beaver Meine Ehre heißt Treue
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    OK, is for guys with smart phones and not guys like me with dumb phones.
  • white88enochianwhite88enochian Regular
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    well msl code is the security code used on any type of phone to get into hidden menus/ stuff you ar elocked out off
    if you could find some dial codes for your phone you could change your msl

    i love my smart phone my service provider is boost mobile so its cheap plus the phone was only 185 including shiping 3 day expedited
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