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Sangean ATS-909X

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Finally, some nice weather. I'd've typed this up earlier but I didn't want the shitty weather here to have an impact on how well it works.

The buttons don't always work without pressing hard, but that's all that's wrong with it -- and that's a good thing.

Great reception. Low noise. Pretty much all that's good about the ATS-909 but it looks better (woo hoo) and I love the wheel thing. It's all that you read about in the reviews. Very much worth the price. With a simple long-wire antenna this thing will pick up from Honolulu to Hong Kong with great clarity. I was able to get WWV on 2.5, 5, 10 and 15 mhz which usually doesn't happen at the same time without one being significantly worse. In other words, for shortwave, this radio's main attraction, it's great.

For AM / MW / however you want to say it, it's fine. Not special but it's okay. The best radio I've had for AM what an old japanese one that I can't remember the brand or model, but I was able to get around 20 stations crystal clear just in a few inches of the analog dial at night. The Sangean isn't that good, but it doesn't disappoint. For longwave I could get a few beacons, not much interesting. Don't know much about LW myself. It's also just dandy for FM. I've noticed a plugged in antenna, even if it's the built-in telescoping one with a wire wrapped around it to the jack gives usually better reception than the goosestepping antenna by itself. Probably an intentional design thing. Also, a TRS jack with the ring and sleeve shorted and the tip soldered to one of those springy things like those kid's electronic kits use is a great tool. The included wire antenna is nice too.

I give it 4/5 stars. Nice radio, good price. The AM reception leaves me wanting but maybe I'm spoiled.
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