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IPod Touch and IPhone Repair

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For those of us who somehow came into the possession of these generally overpriced devices, you can understand how Apple made it extremely difficult to repair them. After hearing about someone I know considering buying a cheap broken IPhone and simply repairing it themselves rather than sending it away to be fixed, it made me wonder if it could be a way to make money on the side. Knowing how many people I know simply replace their phone or IPod just because the screen is cracked or it has some other easily repaired fault, I thought I would try disassembling my IPod touch just to see how to repair them.

First attempt and I cracked the fucking touch panel. Great that's going to set me back at least 35 dollars, then I decided "Well if i'm going to replace the touch panel i may as well replace the battery while I have the thing taken apart. So for those who want some advice on repairing these cunts of devices I'll write a short guide to disassembling them.

Firstly I would recommend you buy some IPod/IPhone screen removal tools prior to trying this. As I have a IPod, this guide will cover its disassembly. Ill take some more pictures and add how to reassemble the device when my replacement parts arrive.

I nor totseans.com take no responsibility if you manage to fuck your device by following these instructions.

Step 1, Screen removal.

If there is a step that will most likely go wrong, this and removing the LCD will be be them. Grab a razor blade and insert it into the top right hand corner between the rubber and metal casing. Carefully push down then pry up, this will disengage the clip holding this corner. Slide one removal tool in so the panel doesn't snap back into place. Take the second tool and slide it down toward the bottom clip. insert the blade near the clip and slide the tool toward it. it should pop up, now do this for the top, bottom and left side. Carefully lift the panel up and fold to the left being aware of the small ribbon cable connecting the panel to the main board. If it is intact, place it aside and move on to step 2. If not then you have two options, Purchase an entire plastic frame/glass touch panel or separate the plastic frame from the glass and replace the glass panel only. Replacing only the glass is the most cheapest way of going while getting an entire front unit is a simple drop in replacement. Its up to you. If you decide to only replace the glass then you will need to carefully heat it with a heat gun then take the blade and carefully pry the glass off of the plastic frame. it is held in place with adhesive strips around its outside edge. After removing the glass, clean up the adhesive residue and apply a set of replacement adhesive strips and carefully attach the new glass panel ensuring it lines up perfectly. Personally you are better off replacing the entire unit as its likely the rubber seal will be damaged.


Step 2, Removing the LCD display.

Remove all the screws above the LCD, then using the case opening tools Carefully pry the LCD from the bottom. If you fuck this up you will need to replace the LCD panel making your repair job more expensive, the LCDs in these things are insanely fragile. It is held in by small strips of double sided tape. Once it is pried up, remove the screws holding the bottom metal panel in place. Be careful you dont loose the screws as they are extremely tiny. Carefully lift the panel ensuring you don't snap the battery cable as the battery is attached to the back to this panel. Disconnect the LCD cable and place aside.


Step 3, Battery replacement.

You are going to need a soldering iron, Remove the strip of tape covering the battery connections on the main board and place aside. Next mark the cable so you know how it was connected, carefully de solder the cable and remove the metal panel. Carefully remove the battery from the panel as it is stuck down with adhesive, being careful not to pierce the battery in the process as it is made from plastic foil. Take the new battery and attach it to the panel the same way the old one was, now solder the cable to the main board ensuring the connections match the appropriate terminals on the board.



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