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Achievement Unlocked: Jerking Off in AC

DfgDfg Admin
edited June 2012 in Life
Took me a while to unlock this baby. Basically you have to jerk off while the AC is running and you're watching porn. Previously I have been able to fap in an AC cooled room but I couldn't play with the dongle. But now with the screen showing Backroomcasting video featuring two girls and one dude, and my headphones amplifying the moans and the AC keeping my ass and balls cooled, it felt awesome. It's way better than what I usually had to do before. Although I will probably get fucked with the temperature changes but I don't give a fuck anymore.



  • RemadERemadE Global Moderator
    edited June 2012
    Y'know Dfg, there are times where I think the absence of alcohol or drugs in Pakistan (maybe except Opium) is a good thing for you.

    Be glad your brain is like mine - but mine took a while to be damaged from 6 years of everyday abuse. I think we're under-appreciated. This, however, is just....well, something else entirely.
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