People who treat Cats/pets/animals badlly tend to be more agressive towards Women. — Totseans

People who treat Cats/pets/animals badlly tend to be more agressive towards Women.

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This is in relation to Women beating. I am usually very kind to Animals, I have cats that live around my house, I feed them, troll them and yes play pranks on them but I don't hurt them. Cats are very intelligent and if you fuck with them, they will fuck you back. I have learned it the hard way, that's why I always keep a safe distance and never let me get near to my vital parts, especially the beautiful face.

It's pretty common to see Pakistani men beating Women but I must admit NOT all men are like this. I am just wondering is there a connection between guys who treat pets badly or harm animals and women beating. Yes, I know it's a wild goose chase but it's something that just popped into my mind. It's still a half baked idea. I would love to do a proper survey on it and use Social media to get some feedback. Plus, considering the concept, I am sure it will be decently unique. So, thoughts?


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    Dogs listen unlike woman.
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    I don't think it has anything to do with dominance and all that crap - women use that sort to justify their crappy relationships. Men use it to justify their childness.

    The link between animal cruelty and women beating is stupidity. Committing both things is stupid and pointless. Physical domination proves nothing.

    Some people are stupid, if you accept that things become clearer.

    On a side note, Dominance at a physical level for human beings makes no sense. As a species we have dominated by mastering technology. At an individual level, we dominate by specialization in a useful endeavor.
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    I can see the logic in this. I used to shoot rabbits as we had horses (holes in field = broken leg = put down horse). Often I'd be a sadistic fuck towards them and name them after people I didn't like, eg "This one's gonna hurt, *name*". I decided once to stick a rabbit to a tree while it was still moving with my knife.

    Honestly, the list goes on. I last went shooting about 2 years ago. Anyway, after years of abuse and crappy relationships etc from Women I gave up on them. Can't get it up, don't want to get it up, generally find them an obstacle to my success. Like TDR said, dogs listen, women don't. So true, as I'd rather have a loyal companion who loves me unconditionally than something who trades sex for money my entire life. That won't make me happy.
    Ironically I'm off to the shrink's place at 2pm today to discuss my issues. I specifically asked for a male one, as I will not tell the truth to a female psychologist. The same goes for many things. That's how deep it permeates into my life.
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    Dogs listen unlike woman.
    Word ^ and they don't complain about migraines when your feeling a little horny. :o
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    Its proven sex is a great head ache cure. Not you could tell a women that.
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