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Jim Jefferies' view on relationships and sexuality

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I and some others on here have known of this guy for a while. He's an Australian Stand-Up Comic, who certainly has that Aussie streak of bluntness in his material.

Now I know this could go on IFIOTW or elsewhere, but this is specifically Relationship and sec-based, winning it a spot in this sub-forum.

Have you ever met a girl who thinks that owning a PVC nurses outfit makes them dirty? Or how about a perspective behind the "why are women called sluts and men not" argument? Well without me ruining it, it's easier for Women to get a guy to have sex with them, and thus be called a Slut. However it takes a lot of work to be that guy and have the label of "Stud".
The most worthwhile 5-and-a-half minutes of my life in recent times.

Now for part 2 - relationships, not Studs, Sluts or outfits. Straight up relationships.
Well, not quite straight, but I certainly sympathise with him in the view that I'd rather be with a bloke (bar the sex part). I could happily co-habit with a guy, most probably my best mate. Also nothing like a toast to domestic violence and being Gay :p real interesting
So here you go. Honestly, Cracking set!

Anyone here agree? Talking points? I certainly agree with 99% of what he's saying.

"[Gay guys] love fucking men in the arse so much, they've called it happy. I've been a Hetrosexual my whole life - I would not call the experience happy . I would call it a struggle at best"
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