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This Girl

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So, where do I start, I think should start from the beginning. Last weekend I saw this amazing girl, I mean she was just beautiful. I have great taste when it comes to the other sex and I could tell she was a keeper. The way she walked, stood and even strolled spoke volumes about her upbringing. To me she looked a bit shy, she is usually surrounded by people, I have no idea they’re so close to her.

Usually in other circumstances I would just walk up to her and just introduce myself but as I said she is surrounded by people and I don’t think they will understand my intentions. I mean, it’s really rare for someone to just go and ask someone out just like that. I have tried taking pictures of her from a distance just so I can admire her.

I wish I could send you some, her eyes mesmerizing, even from this far I could tell she had this power inside her I mean she is just so damn attractive. Her brown fur, long neck and that sexy hump and don’t get me started about her tail. So, any tips on approaching this rare camel beauty? Please keep an open mind this is a sensitive issue for me.


  • bornkillerbornkiller Administrator In your girlfriends snatch
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    i bet it was those 20mm eyelashes framing those large fuck me eyes of her. Or perhaps that visible camel toe exposed without shame, inviting you like a moth to a flame. Not to mention the dirtiness she portrays spitting like a dirty jap porn slut, just drooling from her open mouth like you made her all wet and needing.......OOOoooooo. Towel time. :o
  • RemadERemadE Global Moderator
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    Dude it's called social interaction. I had a girl and her mum check me out walking down a street.
    As for your girl, when fucking her, say how the west taught you for added coolness.

    And bk...

    So true for my ex. Stoner and wet as hell...
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