Blood Stained Guitar- Reprise

Big baby jesusBig baby jesus Regular
edited July 2010 in Life
be the street that will recognize fear. yo

be the time spent in eternal sphere, check it

Be the meek for what comes in the truth

be the seekers who know what it true, yo yo say

be all the means, and the facts and the sense too
be the screens, things in self that are see thru yo yo

be the scenes, war and everything evil, yea yea

Be the pleasing sight to JAH people YEAH

be the screaming cancer free chapel
Be the seizing factor that grapples

hacks all the life until forgetting to quit
all these lines spent here in bliss, now I look thru a fence, yea

be divide, if you want to know hate
be the sides that they want you to, great
realize sense maybe one of the days
when I praise, at least the people giving praise
if not the ways
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