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Fapping on Omegle?

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Well, this is quite interesting. It was being discussed on Reddit and I found this story.


^Not relevant.

Before I jump in, I need to address few things, Omegle is a fun place to be, I have been there numerous times, I have trolled, done some stupid stuff but as far as I can recall I haven't fapped there. I mean sure I did get a hardon with few lovely encounters but it never really got me off. To me this is normal, I don't care if you fap there or not but for others this might be something disgusting or new. So, keep an open mind while reading the stories.

"First, a caveat: I have never fapped on Omegle, but I used to do it a lot on chat roulette. I started using chat roulette when I was 20 and I used it like a normal person, trying to strike up conversations and meet interesting people for a few minutes. I actually really liked that about chat roulette and the rare good spin was worth wading through the muck (aptly named, I think).

So after a while of using it and becoming exposed to my fellow naked brethren, I started to wonder this same thing: "Why are they doing this? What's the big deal with polishing your lamp for people?"
The curiosity was not insurmountable but there also seemed to be no harm in sating it.

So at this time, I was also a virgin and while I don't recall feeling sexually frustrated, I definitely was. I also suffered from really bad body image issues. I was pretty overweight while in high school and had spent the past 2 years working out, eating well, and getting fit. While I can look back on that time and understand that I looked great, I didn't think it at the time.

So back to my getting naked and dating Mrs. Palmer and her five daughters: I had never used my webcam before and spent about 30 minutes making sure that there was nothing identifying about me in the view. I did this the first time during the day standing a few feet away from my webcam so my entire body was exposed besides my face and I could easily walk forward and turn shit off if need be without being seen.
The first time I tried this, I stood, in my underwear (tight, dark-blue boxer briefs with a gray trim. Very sexy) in my chosen spot and let the roulette wheel spin. It landed on a few people that clicked away without even an eyebrow raise. Eventually, someone stopped and waited. They typed something but I couldn't see it cause I was too far away.

I started to do this stupid, slow strip-tease sort of thing. I wasn't really moving or dancing but just slowly turning a little bit, flexing a little bit, moving my hands up my chest and eventually down into my boxer-briefs. The whole time I'm doing this, I am watching myself and not the person but I know they're there and the fact that they haven't clicked away excited me. It was like approval. Oh shit I forgot to mention I had the sound turned off. I didn't want to hear their objections, if any (lol).

Anyway, this process would turn me on quite a bit. The exposure, the risk, and what have you. Not surprisingly, I now thoroughly enjoy sex in public. But that's a different story.
So eventually I would drop trout and flog the molly. This, in the style of my previous showmanship, was also very slow as opposed to any other time where I'm just trying to get off. This time, there was an audience. Inevitably, I would pick up the pace a bit.

By this point, I have probably captivated some lonely guy who is enjoying the show but not before about 30-40 other people have clicked through me. Some making foul gestures and whatever. Like I said, I was usually watching myself so I didn't really care what they were doing.

The first time I ejaculated, it was the best jerkin' session I had ever had and the most powerful orgasm. (Remember: virgin at the time).
Well, after that experience, I decided I liked it more than just looking at porn and decided to keep doing it. Eventually, my IP got banned and I stopped. I had sex with another person and have never sometimes thought of doing this again.
I guess the TL;DR might be that I used chat roulette as a way to really appreciate my body for the first time by enjoying the approval of another person appreciating it, too. Probably narcissistic as fuck but whatever, man.
Hope this gives some insight."


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    And there is more:
    Me and one of my Ex's used to faf on Omegle and it was pretty cool, then we came across a guy who seemed cool and then all of a sudden wanted sexy things to happen, and because me and my ex just didn't give a fuck, we obliged and it consisted of this guy jerking it to me giving my ex head. This eventually progressed and we had this guy on MSN. (This was about 2/3 years ago) And we'd kinda just like, fuck for this guy, we saw his face and stuff, he most certainly wasn't some old pervert, he was a young one. But yeah the deal was we have sex, this guy jerks, me and my ex were turned on cause this guy was wanking to us having sex and everyone was happy, everyone came, it was good. Anyway we did this like 4 times or something.
    TL;DR fapping on Omegle can lead to you to some not so bad things.

    and this one is funny and worth using:
    Even before I started having sex, I found vulvas super attractive. I was bothered by them before puberty, but found them very attractive shortly after.
    A lot of it was probably cultural, there's pressure to like women beyond what one might find instinctively attractive. But with vulvas and vaginas, it definitely feels like instinct.
    You can perfectly imagine how it would feel and the stimulation it would give. It's natural, inviting. It's analogous enough to your own parts that you understand it, but different enough that it's not off putting.
    I am all about pussy, 100%. I like the porno quality ones, I like the real life ones, I find charm in the ugly ones. I am absolutely in love with vaginas.

    You know what's weird? I have no idea what the average vulva looks like. I know there's a huge variance. I know women in porn are not a representative sample. But I don't know how big or what shape is most common. Everyone's heard a million penis statistics, but you never hear any about vulvas.
    There's a lot less variation in everything but labia. Sure, some women have huge clitorises (no, I don't use the Greek "clitorides," wanna fight about it?) or hoods, but it's generally the same. There's decent variation in the distance between the clitoris and the vaginal opening, but I've never heard anyone comment on that as far as aesthetics go.
    As far as labia, both minora and majora, are concerned, this is where substantial variation occurs, and it's also where most people get their ideas of appearance.
    It's hard to describe an average, because everybody is different, but pornography generally favors women with small (generally not visible) labia minora. In my experience, women typically have visible labia minora, and it's not anything about which to worry or feel self-conscious.

    Your labia are unlikely to be perfectly symmetrical. Few body parts are perfectly symmetrical, labia just have the disadvantage of being easily compared. It's likely for one side to be larger or smaller than the other, or to protrude more or less. This is 100% normal and occurs all the time, so there's no reason to worry about whether or not they look okay.

    (Again, if this makes you feel better, I absolutely abhor most "feel good about your body no matter what" posts. This has absolutely nothing to do with your body as a whole. As somebody who is tremendously judgmental about bodies, I absolutely love vulvas of virtually all shapes. I've seen almost nothing that would qualify as uncommon or ugly. Take that as a plus; I'll call plenty of bodies bad, but there's nothing within 2.75 standard deviations of vulvas that I would consider even slightly unattractive. There's enough variation for them to look unique, but this really just adds personality. I love not only vulvas, but the differences between them).
    Even coloration (and I would not use the word "discoloration" for all its connotations) is fairly common. Pinker labia with more flesh colored edges are remarkably common, such that I know some people who assume this is the norm. Some people disparagingly refer to these as being "gray," but that's only because of the vast difference in color between pink and fleshtone.

    You do hear penis statistics more frequently, but that's more about size, while most people judge vulvas based on aest
    hetics. There's an important distinction to be made between the vulva (the external genitalia) and the vagina (the internal genitalia). Colloquially, these words can be interchanged (I do it myself to make my commentary more accessible). The appearance of the vulva has no relation to the vagina Aesthetics of the penis are rarely considered for the same reason people don't discuss vulvar characteristics, and that's because they're difficult to quantify.

    A beautiful vulva, much like a beautiful penis, can exist at any size, and is much more reliant on the eye of the beholder. No statistics measure the beauty of either. Plenty of valuable data, such as the texture of the vagina or the shape (including curve) of the penis are ignored.

    If you really care, it's the vagina that should be compared to the penis. Vaginal size is much more difficult to measure because the vagina is much more elastic, and will vary much more in size. This variance relies on both the level of arousal and the pressures felt by the vagina. Most vaginas can stretch to accommodate anywhere between 6-9 inches of length, as well as correlating levels of girth (girth statistic are much less common on both fronts). / / The takeaways is that, so long as your genitals fall within two standard deviations of the norm (and I'll assure (fat tails be damned) 95% of yours do), you're going to be absolutely fine for Penis-in-Vagina intercourse. The specifics of your genitalia (much more for women than for men, due almost entirely to cultural norms) are the least of your concerns, taking the backseat to more important factors such as technique and appreciations of how your partner experiences pleasure.

    TL;DR I drank too much brandy to understand what I was trying to say, but there's basically no research on the "average" vulva. However, most perceptions tend to assume much more dramatic deviation, and it's likely your genitals fall very well within the range of average. Don't fret. Anyone who doesn't like your genitals (penis, vulva, or vagina) is statistically likely to be a snob. Be comfortable, love yourself, but don't get too cocky. Nobody likes anybody who is overconfident about a few square inches of mashable flesh, and I hate the idea of enabling people to say "my genitals are the alpha and omega, pity those who pretend themselves to enjoy anything else."

    And there is more:
    Okay, here goes nothing… I am 23-year-old male, and I have been using Omegle for the past three years in order to share anonymous sexual experiences with women.
    I will start by saying I have had sex and am aware of the real feeling. It's great, sure. But there is a strange intimacy to watching another person, a woman, live, turning you on. Yes, you are left to your own devices when it comes to the orgasm. But you have a woman there, watching you, being turned on by you, pleasuring herself as you do the same.
    I will also say I have never sat on Omegle nude, flashing myself at every passer-by. I hate that other guys do that, and I have never felt the need. I do, however, sit at my desk or in my bed or what-have-you, showing my clothed torso. Most women demand to see my face, but I never show them. Instead, I start a conversation with them. I compliment them. They compliment me. We find each other attractive. I tell them what I would do to them, sexually, if we were in the same room. This turns the woman on immensely—and you must understand the sense of power that comes along with this. I have turned her on only with my words and the image of my body as tools. Eventually, we are both naked. She is left alone, as am I—but we are sharing that moment.
    And I have done this over 400 times (I keep track) since 2010. Yes, I've had to swim through a sea of cock, but I have shared tremendous sexual experiences with many women.
    I do not believe I am a pervert. Sure, maybe I have that "exhibitionism" fetish. But I'm not one to say. I believe I am giving women what they came to Omegle for, and nothing more. I do not seek out a relationship, or troll through the site, or force myself on the women I come across. I let things happen organically.
    Hopefully I have cleared the air a bit. Though, this is Reddit, and I imagine I'll be misunderstood.

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    More stories
    I lost my virginity at 17 then after having sex a few times me and my gf broke up and I was terrible with girls in real life how I managed to get a gf is still amazing to me. Anyways I stumbled across Omegle one day when I was bored and decided what the hell, I had no intention of taking my clothes off but to instead improve my conversation skills with girls. My plan worked and my ability to text girls and strike up a conversation improved greatly over time. But there was something about Omegle that always had me coming back to it, and its grown into an addiction. Ive found myself staying up until 5 or 6 am on nights that I worked at 8am the next morning refusing to get off until I either found a girl to have cam sex or I simply passed out. I was never the guy who sat there with dick out, I was the funny guy who showed you his face (I know, I know I'm retarded) and smiled a lot and eventually got you to play truth or dare. And Ive honestly met some of the sweetest girls of all time on that website, some one who I just connected with you know? This has happened on Omegle more times than in real life.
    Sometimes I think about the girls Ive talked to on there, some of my darkest skeletons are from that website I regret to say. Like I said that I would be on there until I found someone to talk to, well sometimes they were younger girls. NEVER anyone under 16 (that I'm aware of) and that was only when I got desperate. I don't feel like I was forcing myself on them because they all seemed to enjoy it as much as I did and could always next the second they were uncomfortable. This being said I still feel like a pervert and I really hope these girls aren't emotionally scared from it.
    I never took any picture or videos of anyone either, simply because I wouldn't want anyone to do the same to me.
    Ill probably be on there tonight.
    The reasons I did it for the first time were that 1. I was interested to whether there actually were real girls on Omegle and 2. I was tired of traditional porn. The thought of interactive porn, essentially, was very intriguing to me, but I was skeptical. I got on Omegle, setup Hypercam to record the screen, adjusted the camera to show my pelvis to upper torso, and then took off my shirt. In the "Interests" thing, I just typed "horny", and started at it. After about 20 minutes of skipping through people, I encountered another person with a functioning cam who appeared to be a girl. I waved and asked her to hold up three fingers and she did, so I was comforted by the fact that she was real. After a quick "Hi" and "Hey :)", I didn't know really what to do, so judged typed "Horny?" She obliged and asked for me to show. I started to take out my manhood and she began to start stripping on cam. She was a normal looking girl with nice perky breasts, the situation almost seemed unreal for me. I started fapping and she lied on her side, naked. She started rubbing her nipples and licking her lips and stuff like that and boy did it turn me on. Then she started to finger herself, and I was so horny I couldn't hold it any longer and exploded into some tissues I had with me. The post-cum shock was really heavy for me and I instantly disconnected and stopped the recording. I was very embarrassed for shooting my load so soon and also very arroused by the whole experience. I tried again and it took me around 45 minutes, this time it was two girls who I assume where having a slumber party or something. The first one stripped for me and masterbated for me, and then I accidentally shot my load again while the second one was stripping. They seemed very entertained, and I was very happy to have been given such a show. Later I did it again with a girl who had large breasts. And then again, and again.
    Omegle provides a sexual experience I couldn't recreate anywhere else, and that was what the appeal was for me.

    I haven't in the past 2 years but I did it for a while. My first time was on a lark because I wanted to see what the fuss was about. After being nexted by like 200 people and nexting pass another 300 one girl actually stayed and watched. I made her wave and prove she was real and she just watched commenting on my "business". After I finished she just smiled, said thanks for the show, and nexted me

    I'll be honest it was a crazy feeling. On the one hand i felt kinda gross for having just done that but on the other hand it was pretty awesome that some random chick wanted to watch me cum. I loved it and started doing it a lot more. Because I felt guilty I tried to be polite about it (i know how weird that sounds) by asking before I started if they'd like to watch me. Sounds really lame but it was surprising how well it actually worked. The common thought is no girl on chatroulette would want to watch that. But out of all the girls who would be on chatroulette, id wager that about 30-40% would actually say yes to my question.

    If I had to give a legitimate reason I'd say it made me realize I was kind of an exhibitionist. I really got aroused and excited by having a random girl watching me play with myself. They wouldn't even have to get naked. Id actually prefer to have them have the camera on their face so I could see their reactions. It felt so taboo to be doing something like that for a stranger and it was fucking amazing when I could tell that they were enjoying it too.

    Just fyi, it wasn't that I was lonely or anything. Though I started doing it before, I had a long term girlfriend at the time. It was a wonderful relationship, had sex regularly, and very happy together. No problems in that department. It felt more like pornography than cheating but while I never told her about it it still always makes me feel kinda guilty. But yeah it just felt like a more taboo kind of porn.
    I don't usually go on Omegle, and I dont have any desire to jerk off in public but when you go on these cam sites, you know what youre getting into. I do it because its fun. Its taboo and exciting. Yeah you see tons of guys but who cares, you click off or they click off and you get on to the next one.
    Believe it or not there are women who are into it. I don't just have my dong out going at it but its set up in a way that makes it obvious that its readily available. Whenever I come across women, if they dont click off right away, I just chat. I make it clear that I want to jerk off for them, but also that if they dont want that, I'm willing to just chat for fun too.
    I've only been doing it for about a month and in that time I've only done it probably 10 times, but in that time I've had 4 women get into it either flash me, masturbate on cam, or offer encouragement until I came. Obviously that is probably statistically skewed, and if I continue to do it I doubt Ill have the same "success", but for now, its fun and exciting.

    While I never fapped on Omegle, I did use it for sexual reasons. I was a slow bloomer in regards to sex- I did not become interested or curious probably until I was 18 (f). This was not something I felt comfortable talking about with my family or friends. So instead, I turned to the ever-present internet. As a female, I guess I was something of a rare commodity on Omegle. I would go in the chat windows and tell the horny men I was a female and ask what they would do to me. I didn't reciprocate with much because I had no idea what to say, I was just curious of the more naked (ha) truth of sex. I once even told a girl I was interested in women just to see what she say. Ironically, I consider myself to be bisexual now.

    Eventually I wandered over to the camera side of Omegle. I would make sure there was nothing revealing of who I was in the shot and just point it at my clothed torso. I always kept my speakers and mic off. Men would ask me to take my shirt off and I'd get scared and click away, but it was so exciting, dangerous, and interesting to feel desired by a man. I had never felt that before; I was never really an object of affection in high school. I wanted to feel wanted like that in a way I never had. Eventually I got more daring and would sit around in my bra. I think once I showed some guy my tits or let some other guy watch me sort of rub myself with my pants on. I don't think I ever got further than that- my boyfriend and I got together shortly after and I no longer felt the need to spend time on Omegle. Omegle was an experiment for me, a way to explore my confusing and unknown sexuality. The anonymity was comforting.

    I'm a girl so I don't 'fap' per se. And I don't use Omegle much though I used to go on ChatRoulette often.
    Anyway, I would go online and if I ran into a guy who wasn't creepy (props to the guys who would show their faces) we would talk. Occasionally, things would escalate. I absolutely LOVE to tease men. I'm getting hot just thinking about it. And if they jerk it to me, so what? I take it as a compliment.

    And this is going to come off as completely narcissistic but it's a huge confidence boost. Maybe that's why I fell in love with it. Going on and chatting with all these people (and they weren't all sexual; I've had conversations that have lasted hours, all non-sexual) and hearing that I have a pretty face or a hot body... I don't know. It just feels nice. Especially if my self-esteem had taken a hit recently for whatever reason.
    I don't know if that answers your question haha.

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