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Facts About Pakistan

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Today we're going to educate you about Pakistan. You don't find much about Pakistan in the media, it's usually about bombs and terrorists and more bombs but in reality, it's a fun place to be in. I mean think about it, apart from some states where it's legal to fuck to a horse, where can you find a place in which you actually can marry yes I mean legally marry a CAMEL! A freaking humpy CAMEL!

Pakistan has a diverse society, we're quite proud of our ways, they may be old but they work. Some people think they're old fashioned but in reality they're quite modern. I am not into law that much but while I was regarding about Corporate law I stumbled on the marriage rules and regulations in Pakistan.

1) For a person to be considered a man, he must marry a camel. Gender of the camel isn't important but he is required to seduce it and then marry the camel and treat it as his wife.

As you can see there is a strong loving relationship with the man and the beast. And people blame us for being hostile.
2) You're allowed to have 4 active wives and you can have unlimited Camel wives or mistresses.
There you see, most Countries don't allow this type of freedom and yet you have it. This is modern thinking as it's best. Not only are we taking care of Camels we're giving them some much needed love. Although it does suck for the wives. Men are quite emotional and physically attached to their camels.
3) If you're with a camel or married to one, sheep and goats are off limits, if you accidentally or intentionally sleep with them, it will be considered cheating, however if you have divorced your camel or if you eaten it, then you can have sheep or goats.
Again we see a strong bond between man and beast. Not to mention that we love recycling. I mean you don't see people eating their loving wives elsewhere.
4) A Camel wife cannot sleep or be with other male camels if found the male camel will be send away or executed as it's forbidden for that camel to sleep with your camel wife.
See, there is logic behind it. Men don't like others eying their wives and camels are no exception. And the west things we don't treat our women right.
5) Beating or using excessive force is NOT allowed, in both cases.
See they do treat their women and camels right. You're not allowed to use excessive however, you can guide them around to different places or use the rope to keep a firm hold on them..
6) Camel wives shouldn't left to roam the streets or public places without their husband.
See it's quite easy for others to take advantage of your beloved camel, so it's required that whenever you're our or your wife is out, you must be present with her.
7) You cannot have children with your camel wife, for that use your human wife.
Science isn't that advanced but we do have sane heads btw.
8) A flying camel wife is state owned.
This is an exception, since flying camels are rare, if you bed one or marry one they will still be owned by the State. This is required to keep their population in check as they're quite exotic.

I will add more points when I look up more information. Feel free to ask more question in this thread or on twitter.
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