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Exploring GOD Mode, Hooking Up in Angeles City

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*Disclaimer: The views presented in this article are strictly my personal views, the girls I have been with are amazing and I will always cherish them, whatever I say here is a documentary of my thoughts and inner discussion regarding what I see and feel. If you feel offended by the wording or the way I am describing my interactions don't get offended. This mainly a form of writing I use when on totseans. I don't censor stuff, it's just raw unpolished thoughts and emotions. So, if you're one of the girls I was with and I said things to you, keep in mind I do mean them. *

Its been close to a month since I moved here, I went from being a guy to a playboy, I went from hooking up with one girl and trying to get her interest more to banging more girls and adding more girls to the list. It might seem funny but the girls I sleep with I actually tell them I am going to bang another girl the next day and I even use a numbering system.

It might seem retarded of me to do that because it goes against every principle of seduction and dating multiple women. My goal is to simultaneously handle 10 women. That's 10 very hot and attractive women that you sleep with and spent time with. That means one fuck per day and backup spot if one is busy, that's like the ultimate dream of any harem loving man. But I do have a very strong reason for trying this open approach.

It all started with High Society, previously I had trouble picking up girls, I sucked at closing the deal, following up with the leads and basically using basic seduction tactics. It was difficult for me to just work things out, I was too bold and on your fucking face type that didn't work well AT ALL. Plus, I was missing a vital part.

THE GOD MODE! You see I was dealing the situation differently, I was acting like a guy who wants to get a GF and settle down which clearly I can't do since I won't be here for long and I was hitting on the wrong places such as bars, clubs which were expensive and the girls usually didn't give in at all. And most of all the body language was off.

Picture this, even though you guys know what I am capable off, I mean I am that guy that gets his name written on girls tits *DFG* IRL seduction is a lot harder or in reality something I never did. I have been using Internet seduction and humor tactics for ages, I am quite decent with it but when your audience can barely catch the references or doesn't understand what the fuck you're saying or isn't just comfortable with the openly bold romantic approach things fall apart pretty fast.

It's like dropping your IQ into the ground and making yourself dumb on purpose. I learned it from my friend and boss. He is sort of my mentor and he is a king when it comes to seduction. So, I just follow his lead. But more on the GOD MODE.

In this place everything you see is fictional, there is no place like this, reality just bends here. All the law of attraction just vanish, it's money and pussy all the way. You're always using the GOD MODE which means you the get number of the girl instantly, you ask her where she lives and you set a date and time to bang her. ANY FUCKING GIRL!

And all you need to do is;
A) BE YOUNG *Checked*

You can't do that stuff in Pakistan, hell fucking no. Plus if one girl gets mad at you, you can switch with another one with ease. Not that I would do that. As I said I am a new player in this field and I am learning a lot about handling women and using their inner jealously towards each other to enhance your sexual appeal.

Lets explore what GOD Mode lets you do. Well for starters you get to hook up with girls and even kiss them in public, you can make dirty jokes to them, you can tease them openly and yes you can just get them to your place and fuck them anyway you want. BUT here is the catch, your appeal drops, as soon as you treat a women like shit, others will know. Some girls will still fuck you but not all girls are into it.

Another drawback is the Playboy title, with Playboy titled which I am awarded with girls will automatically assume you're a good liar, you sleep with many partners and you have fuck tons of girls hiding under your bed and you may have one or two regular girls and you most likely don't care about which girls you're fucking.

Sounds like okay enough but it does make your life a living nightmare if you're actually NOT a playboy and get labeled like that. Suddenly all the girls are aggressive towards you, the ones that want to fuck push harder and the ones that hate your or hate your guts openly express it in the form of you FUCK YOU FINGER.

It gets hostile pretty fast but on the plus side, you get to dirty dance with random chicks without getting shit for it. And that's how I got the label in the first place.
The High Society Routine

After failing at getting Bar girls to fuck me without Bar fine and failing at hooking up with mall or working girls I finally gave up on the idea of hook up and actually decided to drop out of the damn system and just enjoy myself. This is all true, it's hard to believe but this actually happened. So, each day I would just go out at night and walk in the strip joints, just walk nothing much. I would stroll and hit on various bars and just sit in one corner drinking beer or water and enjoying the music.

I would pay zero attention to girls, I wouldn't bother with talking with anyone and I would just ponder about things. I did this for at least few days. Until I started actually enjoying it for real. I found some comfort knowing that their are lights everywhere and people are alive. It just felt peaceful to me. Then one day I walked past High Society and decided to give it a shot.

The entry was free so I didn't mind that much, you can't sit in that place which suited my purpose since I don't sitting anyway. Day one I just took to one corner and just stood there, didn't give a flying fuck about anyone. I mean anyone. Girls came and went and I just stood there, until this chic came and forced me on do the dance floor.

That day I discovered that I am a decent dirty dancer, I can move my hips and hump girls on the fly in different positions, I was able to get that girl going and she was into me but at the same time I wasn't into her and then things got a bit weird due to other side events. So, thanks to her my night sort of got fucked up.

Next time I did the same routine and more girls started dancing in front of me, coxing me to dance with them. I resisted for at least 1 hour and then I joined in and humped the fuck out of every girl. It was fun and a pretty damn good workout as well. Things however escalated when girls from bars I visited stated showing up. Now suddenly I am the center of attention and girls get jealous if I hump others but I didn't care because I was doing that for myself.

But yeah thanks to that unwanted attention I got more hook ups, I got pro at taking numbers and suddenly I could tell if the girl was into me or not. It seems dancing was actually my plus point. It tipped things in my favor. My sexual appeal started rising since others could see I was getting way more attention than others and they wanted to be a part of the equation.

But it did backfire eventually. I would get groups of girls and I could only choose one and if I tried the other one I would get into unwanted drama.

Suffice to say, it was a blessing and a curse. Two days and little sleep later and I am still pondering why the fuck I did that. But hey that's GOD MODE for you.

I am super tired and emotionally stretched and yes fucked as well :p. I hope to get some pictures for you guys. I wish I could update regularly. Also, I do post on Facebook as well but those updates are general in nature.


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    Nice thread, dude! What's your Facebook? I'll add you on there.. still waiting for the pictures. :P
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    REBxVoDKa wrote: »
    Nice thread, dude! What's your Facebook? I'll add you on there.. still waiting for the pictures. :P

    DM'ed you the details
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    The thing that confuses me with these self-proclaimed "Pick up Artist" guys is that they always analyse things with the opposite sex.

    Just let it go. Enjoy.

    Good read! Glad to see you're getting places and they're paying off! Enjoy these decadent Western Women! Having the confidence to dance is a big bit that can make you stand out from the rest of the "im'ma just grind on her ass, yeah..." crowd.

    Me? It's more like this with the obligatory "white people!" banner :o
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