A Social Experiment on Internet Censorship by the New Zealand Police

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A friend of mine bought to my attention his facebook discussion concerning the case below.


Basically it related to their personal views concerning the mothers incompetence as a parent. Seemed like a fair enough topic of discussion, right? Well apparently facebook thought it wasn't (Obviously Influenced by NZ Police). Each negative post was unjustifiably taken down. Why? Because the mother involved happens to be a senior medical staff member with a reputable social standing in the community. It was personal opinion for fuck sakes, not case influence. Whether she has political or police backing is uncertain due to name suppression but it wouldn't surprise me. Anyways, the newspapers are like "Oh poor mother is also the victim here" If she wasn't high profile I doubt this scenario would be played out in such a way.

Also on another subject matter he and a friend were discussing the NZ road death tolls and the NZ police intervention with their over exaggerated statistic circle jerking. Him being an experienced truck driver for many years he simply pointed out the faults that didn't justify their concepts of road safety. Instead of commenting they chose to take it down.

There are also facebook related pages terminated due to political opinion such as the “John Key has let down New Zealand” page. (John Key is our sad excuse for a government) and NZ police attempting to take down websites through hosts without legal reasons only innuendos such as the NZ medicinal marijuana website.


This is just a taste of our political and police censorship culture and feel it so wrong on so many levels. You should see the social engineering involved with small business in low income communities. Based on nobody knows anything about law in NZ therefore we'll shut them down with made up lies and defamatory means that hold no standing in NZ legislation, at all. I won't get into this because it gets even more blatantly pathetic than political censorship ideals.

What I'd like to see are those of you who have a facebook page try commenting on something related to NZ that would prove this theory conclusive. For example. ***"That mother who forget about her child in that sweltering car should be tried like every one else. Who gives a fuck whether she has a high community standing? A child's life was lost in such a horrific way"*** Or something along those, lines anyways.

I do stress to you I don't need the fb link nor do I need your posted comment word for word due to privacy reasons. Just the basis of the comment and the end result of whether it was taken down.

5char if you can help out because it'll be research for a totseans article. It's about time I became more proactive on freedom of speech & give back to my community.


  • Dude, we do have a Totseans FB page, you can use it as much as you like, to further test it, we can get Reddit on the case and actually raise awareness!
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    Thanks bro, that'd be fuckin awesome.

    I realise this shit is happening in many countries & it sucks crusty balls hard. However, when new ways to eradicate freedom of speech globally is introduced they tend to use us as the lab rats to test their political concepts. We don't leave a major impact on a world wide scale due to our size but it gives an overall evaluation of whether it could function efficiently. Sucks to be us. :(

  • Well, with the right campaign and content, you can be the front page of the Internet.
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