Man I wish I had time and motivation

So, I am currently trying to shot a fucking Documentary for Uni, it's due tomorrow. And I have work as well :(. Kinda miss the old days where I can just sit and socialize on the Internet. But hey it's not the end. It's like February now, This semester ends around June and after that I got only two semesters and then I am HOME FUCKING FREE!

I can dedicated my allotted time more easily then.

How are things on your end mates?


  • SlartibartfastSlartibartfast Global Moderator -__-
    I'm alright. Currently unemployed. Learning android development. Fuck java.
  • Finished final shooting, it turns out, I have completed 86 credit hours, and I need to finish 140 Credit hours to get a degree, however, once you reach 60 Credit hours you can easily get a degree. So, if things are correct, I might be leaving Pakistan shortly :D
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