Dfg, What the fuck man, where are you? Why aren't you doing stuff!

Well, you might have noticed that I am not doing much on totseans currently, yes I did dive in full steam and updated the front page but things changed IRL and new things came up.

So, I had to back off. But why did I back off? Well it's do with keeping a low profile for few weeks.

So, when can you expect me to be back on schedule? Actually very soon, I have a massive load of thoughts and discussion I need throw it here. But before I do that, I need to make sure things actually workout.

Atm, I just need your good wishes and I promise once you see what was going on and what I was trying to get done, you will be at least happy. So, it's still hush hush for now. Top secret!

And if I am not telling you guys, rest assured no one knows :). So, hang on for 2 weeks!


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