American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis

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I think this book has a lot of potential for discussion and since I finished it around the same time I was modded in this section, I figured it'd serve as a good introduction thread.

Has anyone else read this, or seen the movie? Anything by Bret Easton Ellis? He's also done Rules Of Attraction, Less Than Zero, with his latest book being Imperial Bedrooms. I recently read ROA and liked it a lot.

Feel free to discuss this even if you've only seen the movie.

I think American Psycho is an interesting story because it leaves you confused about exactly who Patrick Bateman is. During the story people get his name wrong many different times, and even the end his lawyer calls him by the name "Davis," while at the same time making fun of a co-worker named Patrick Bateman. Then to make things worse, the story leaves you with a very vague explanation as to whether or not he even killed anyone at all. I can't help but feel I'm missing something here, some vital information that would bring it all together for me. Has anyone managed to piece this story together into something sensible, or is it supposed to leave you confused and wanting more?


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    I actually just started this book a few days ago. Im liking it so far. Its way more detailed than the movie and the Movie seems so much more tame compared to the book.
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    Definitely one of my favourite novels of all time. I've also just finished reading The Rules of Attraction, and although it was a great read, it doesn't match up to American Psycho. Patrick Bateman is one of my favourite anti-heroes in literature.

    I was also left hungry by the ending, and did some hasty research online in order to get my questions answered. Ellis deliberately left the ending ambiguous regarding Bateman's actions throughout the novel. I sincerely think that Bateman killed no-one. I think because he was so unsatisfied with his laborious social circle, his tedious job, and society in general, that he fantasized all the rapes/murders to keep himself from going insane.
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    Good book, but this thread has been done.
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    As madrox said...Good book, but the thread has been done....Its on the 1st page even.

    See other thread for my opinion.
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    Sorry about the repost. I should have looked first considering this story is so popular. I've been meaning to post a few threads here for awhile now and will be (hopefully) posting a lot more. I was just in a hurry earlier.
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    So does the movie hold up to the book? cause the movie kinda sucks imo
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    The movie is like a G rated version of the book.
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    One-trick pony (as is Ellis himself). Shit is fucking John Hughes for mopey indie assholes.

    Obvious as can't-think-of-the-metaphor (drunk).

    For the real thing, check out Peter Sotos.
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