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swim has been really into weed lately but is still considered a "novice" as he has only been doing it consistently for about 3 or so months. before that is was every now and again.

lately swim has been real interested in trying ectasy, coke, and maybe lsd.

swim is kinda hesitant due to the negatives he has heard in the general public but he wants it from ya'lls point of view.....from the users, not the people saying it's bad.

anyway, what is it like on those 3 drugs. what are some things swim should look out for when purchasing them? what is a good low dose to start with and what can he do to help make sure the trip is a good experience. what should swim expect as he is going up, and then coming back down? also, he heard that it can be "cut" badly. what does that mean? and last, of the 3, which one do you suggest swim tries first.

thanks for the help everyone and swim apologizes for all the questions


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    Ecstasy make everything around you feel awesome and everything just flows together nicely, You feel very open and connected with others....Every breath you take feels orgasmic. lasts about 3-6 hours plus come down soo like 16+

    Coke makes you feel like a 'boss' for like 20-30 mins and then you just feel like a scummy fiend wanting more .

    I've never done LSD but I'd say start with some mushrooms first .
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    Ecstasy is good as long as you get decent pills. That's the main issue you'll want to address. If you can, get pure MDMA (or the closest thing you can). It's fucking amazing.

    Coke...Well, only times I've done coke it's been free, and only a couple lines in a night...Coke is insanely overpriced here (looking at around $300 or more for a gram of crap) so I don't have too much experience with it.

    LSD...Whereas the other 2 are great party drugs, acid is a whole different class. It can be fun to go out on acid to a music festival, live band, a party or even just on the town...but fuck, make sure you've done it a few times in a chilled out environment with a couple of friends and the knowledge you won't be bothered or there is nothing you need to be doing first. There is no telling where acid is going to take you.....

    Shrooms is quite similar to acid I would say...Though on my shroom trips if I'm out anywhere, I'm a lot more likely to end up wandering in a forest or spooning the base of a large tree rather than partying with everyone. Shrooms imo is the better of the two...If only because I think quite a lot of what gets sold as 'acid' around here is some other compound. Whereas with shrooms I know it's the good stuff every time. I love how natural shrooms feel when I'm tripping :D
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    Take lsd. Take a lot.
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    E can do a variety of different things depending on the pills you get. Get good pills and it will be the time of your life.

    If you can get your hands on some good coke one line will make you feel happier than you can imagine. Just so content with everything around you. The comedown can be shitty but with some beers/benzos it can be avoided. It is my favorite of the drugs you mentioned.

    Acid is a trip (duh) it can be awesome or it can be hell. Everyone on this board seems to swear by it and I like it but certainly do not see it as the end all be all of drugs as some people seem to find it.

    I doubt many people on here (if any at all) would favor coke out of those 3 other than me. So to each his own I'll say.

    Also watch out for people ripping you off, shooting you, and your brain will most likely wind up fried.
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    Yeah the comedown is much more easy with coke , If I had to choose only one of the drugs it would be cocaine . It's probably not as harsh on your mind either .

    Good clean coke > Ecstacy Pills
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