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does anyone like being outside after they smoke? for the last few weeks i have been loving to get real baked first thing in the morning and going for a run around the hood or taking my dog for a walk. for some reason all the colors pop a lot more when i'm high and i am way more sensitive to temperature so since the mornings are pretty cool here now in georgia, it just feels great. after the run i come in and have a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich and some fresh fruit.

freakin best mornings of my life.


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    I prefer being inside when high, nice and comfy on the couch eating something crunchy and awesome :D

    Outside doesn't really allow me to chill out as much as I'd like to.
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    I love being outside when I'm blazing or after when I'm already stoned. It just makes me feel better. If I'm sitting inside I usually feel more burnt after, but outdoors I rarely feel burn out. Don't really know why.
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    i live in the sub-tropics with 300+ days p/year of great weather. I fucking looooove getting stoned outdoors, especially at the beach.. :fap:
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    I love being high outdoors. The only thing is I have a tolerance, so within 20-30 minutes of activity, my buzz is gone. When it's cool, the process takes longer but I still lose it. Next time I get a psychedelic, I'm spending the duration of it outdoors. Man, talk about colors popping (seriously though, the warblers and killdeer are oh so pleasing to the ear)! Also, the first few hours of the morning are the best; all that humidity is moving on out. Cannabis and work do mix well though imo; I just miss my buzz :(
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    It doesn't really matter as long as I have music.
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    stres wrote: »
    I fucking looooove getting stoned outdoors, especially at the beach.. :fap:

    Me too. I've spend a few summers just hanging out with my friends on this secret beach we found in the middle of the woods getting stoned/drunk/spun and fucking around all day everyday. Many good memories there.

    And I still do go in the woods a lot and smoke, when I'm not in the middle of cities.
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    Being outdoors bakes is great. I dont know why really it's hard to explain. Tripping outside is also epic and imo the only way to properly trip.
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    Last time I did it I just wanted to sit down and chill out, but the floor was hard and hurt my ass :mad:
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    Tripping outside is also epic and imo the only way to properly trip.

    Agreed. This IS CANON, yo.
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    I like getting high and going for walks a night. It's so peaceful to walk through nice neighborhoods under the street lights and not hear traffic and people everywhere.

    I've also been doming blunts at this park near my place that has this kick ass little pond that's full of small ducks and turtles.
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