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I pledge allegiance, to a state of insecurity
Impurity, for which we have no sincerity
To the flag of red, white, blue, and prosperity
Where citizens wake up and work 9 to 5
Go home, eat dinner, one more day till’ they die
But citizens never question what their taxes pay for
Its just billion dollar bureaucracy, behind closed doors
Citizens work and America prospers
But they can never be something better, ironically
Maybe we’re just living in a homeland foster

I get paid so I get made
But I’m dismayed 'cause I get played
Taxes pay to sharpen the blade
And cut me free from freedom
That’s all I can say
For I’m concerned what the future awaits
There’s distress in the United States
What beholds the fate of this beautiful America?

And to the republic we say, listen
Wake before you die
Don't shirk and defend thyself from a shell inside
One isn’t blind if they merely close their eyes
Even the outlier isn’t a liar
He tries to defend his values
For he is American inclined
To preserve the land of the free
And the unity of lunacy, for which it stands

One nation, that’s all we want to be
One class of one people in one country
Under God, and all that is divine
We accept our fate as workers
In a time of blood and sunshine
Where fortune and fascists are indivisible
Its impermissible, but they feed one another
So that one gets rich and one hundred work to die
And that one sips champagne, in his private jet in the sky
He’s an angel of economy, but even Lucifer could fly
Even Lucifer tried
Even Lucifer lied

With vanity we hope to reclaim
Ourselves and our future, there’s no else to blame
Ensure domestic tranquility to government stability
Created by the people, for the people, with righteous ability
To overthrow a regime speaking a false soliloquy
Instill the powers that we, the people may stand up and stand tall
To pursue life, liberty, and justice for all.


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    I didn't even read the first stanza and I know this is really good brah. Keep contributing here, I'm enjoying this. Still reading of course.

    I think some lines are missing syllables :O oh noes aha. Still impressive tho, and although I usually compare poems to either the work of Bob Dylan or Shakespeare, this has a unique flare to it that I enjoy. Keep em comin'.
  • PigPig Regular
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    This was actually excerpts from a rap song I wrote, but I think I prefer it better as a poem.

    Also, I don't know if you noticed, but the entire pledge is in there, in the order that it goes.
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