Good Cheap Steroids and other drugs.

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For those of you that are looking for juice (or other drugs for that matter), I figured I'd post the best way to potentially get it. SWIM searched for a long time trying to find a good way, you can get it at big gyms, but often it's overpriced and your not sure what your getting as far as potency and purity, you can get from websites that advertise that they sell it without prescription, many are scams and there also a question of purity and potency, forget both of those places. go to a world marketplace site and just search for the steroid or drug your trying to find. Since these sites are for world wide trading, they don't give a shit where you are located or what your purchasing. many sites have a rating system this means that the seller is verified by the website that they actually exist. There are some companies that basically sell every drug you could ever want, many located in china. Just ask for price list, minimum purchases, shipping, and payment methods. Many will make you pay through WU which is somewhat of a risk, but that's the risk you take when buying drugs, also remember you first checked to make sure the website had verified them as a real company. After you send them an instant transfer through WU, they will likely send you a tracking number for EMS and you then track your package until it reaches customs. They will often disguise their product as "pesticide sample" or some such thing. Service is often very good, and you can expect your package within a week (SWIM was quite surprised at the great service) You may also be wary of if the substance is the real thing, always get things in the pure powder form, that way you can look up the qualities of it online and verify it is what they say. SWIM has never had problems with quality and everything checked out perfectly, they also were able to get discounts just by asking because of being a repeat customer.


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