The Hip Hop/Gangsta Rap Thread of &T

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It's pretty much wat it sounds like, brah :o post the hip hop you listen to most often.

[ame= Skeltah[/ame]
[ame= camp Clik[/ame]
[ame= Mane ft. Rick Ross[/ame] (jk :o)
[ame= G Rap & DJ Polo[/ame]
[ame= BIG[/ame]
[ame= Tribe Called Quest[/ame]
[ame= & Eric B.[/ame]
[ame= Tang Clan[/ame]
[ame= Grimm[/ame]
[ame= Doom[/ame]
[ame= Mind Tricks[/ame]
[ame= Thugs n Harmony[/ame]
[ame= Rugged Man[/ame]
[ame= Dogg[/ame]
[ame= Wayne[/ame]
[ame= Enemy[/ame]
[ame= Tha Funkee Homosapien[/ame]
[ame= Priest[/ame]
[ame= of Man[/ame]
ODB solo shit!! [ame=" - Ol' Dirty Bastard interrupts Grammy's[/ame] lol

more to come!!


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