The Devil Makes Three

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The Devil Makes Three is an American band. They formed and remain based in Santa Cruz, California. They play a brand of acoustic music known to some as folk punk. It encompasses a blend of bluegrass, old time music, country, folk, blues, ragtime, and rockabilly.

One of my favorite bands of all time. Enjoy!


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    This music makes me feel like I am loaded, oh wait a second, I am. Good shit, reminds me of what I like about folk. The chord progressions are now stuck in my head and mutating rapidly, fuck, roomates gone to work, might as well get out the guitar.
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    Glad you like it. It's definitely the best bluegrass folk punk I've ever heard.

    I've also seen them play live twice. So much fun...
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    That is really good music, I think I'm gonna download one of their albums.. which would you suggest??
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    "Longjohns Boots and a Belt" is my personal favorite, I'd go with that one first.
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    I just found out about this band, they make great music. I bought their first album and it's great, I'm gonna have to find their others now... The Plank is a great track.
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    Nice Jams.
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