Against All Authority

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Against All Authority (often abbreviated -AAA-) is an American punk band, formed in Florida in 1992. Playing in the ska punk style, their business practice follows a stringent DIY ethic.

Anybody here into punk/ska? I've been a fan of -AAA- for years now.


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    New to me, closest I get is Rancid. They really change up the tempo and sound, like switching between DRI and Madness. Cool beans tho'
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    Yeah, their albums "Destroy What Destroys You" and "24 Hour Roadside Resistance" are totally worth owning if you get a chance to download them. I'm pretty sure you can find them on rapidshare, you can easily download them as .zip files too.

    If you like this, be sure to check out my future threads in this section.

    I'm planning on posting a lot of punk, ska, hardcore, grind, crust style stuff soon.
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    I'm usually not into punk really, but I thought it was really dope how they went into that ska rhythm. :thumbsup:
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    Do you like ska? If so be sure to go check out "Voodoo Glow Skulls."

    I should make a thread about them soon...
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