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I walked down to town today and for the first time this year, in February, was wearing Shorts, a long sleeved top and a checkered short (skinhead style, not lumberjack). Anyway, as I put on my shades it hit me. I don't have a Summer playlist! Sublit all tracks here you would put into a Summer playlist. I know it early, but pailing to prepare is to prepare to fail. Also discuss any Summer plans/reasons for choosing said song.

A few of my choices

Just generally nice to lounge about to in the garden with some mates over, or wherever else in the sun. Girls a must.

Reminds me of my girly, and Jungle goes so well with Summer and psychedelics...or just SUmmer in general

Obligatory cheesiness from the 90s

If you forget Sublime, then I have news for you..

Fuck religion, just chill

This isn't a complete list. I'm sure I'll add more. For now though, add yours!


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    A tout le monde - Megadeth

    my darkest hours - Megadeth

    Holy wars - Megadeth

    Killing is my business..- Megadeth

    All around the world - lionel richie
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    MegadethMegadethMegadeth...Lionel Ritchie

    Edit - How the fuck I forgot this, I don't know
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    I created a huge summer playlist last year, and I still listen to it regularly. It took about a week, I tend to take a lot of care when making playlists. Here it is:

    And the accompanying Zoklet post I made when I posted it there:
    Summer's upon us, and a sunny time of year needs lush, happy songs to accompany it. Luckily, lush, happy tunes are somewhat of a specialty of mine (by name, by nature...), so I've got a ton of stuff to draw on when I want to get that summertime feeling. Over the last month or so I've been compiling my favourites into a playlist for my listening pleasure. It's been the soundtrack to my summer-so-far and will surely soundtrack a fair chunk of my summer-to-be as well. Now it's reached a decent size, I thought I'd share it with you guys.

    It's all track-numbered (ID3 tags, not filenames), and that's how I'd recommend you listen to it. All the tunes are great in their own right (disclaimer: IMO), but I spent a fair bit of time organizing them to create a sense of flow. It kicks off with some acoustic and then electric rock, transitions into upbeat electronica and down into a more mellow, blissed-out electronic mood, through into some lovely hip-hop and then liquid drum'n'bass with a Hospital vibe before briefly taking the tempo down a notch to wind it all down. The only other thing I meant to include but didn't would be funk and soul, and maybe a little pop; I'll make an add-on for myself at some point and could upload it when it's done if people are interested. Of the other music I listen to, neither metal nor dubstep lend themselves well to this kind of vibe so you won't find anything of that sort in there. It's all lovely, no anger allowed.

    The volume is a little variable (I auto-leveled the tracks but it's not perfect) and the track bitrates sometimes drop to pretty dire levels (although mostly >190kbps) and a few tracks have slight hints of other tracks in the first and last 10 seconds because I took them from a blended (I wouldn't say mixed) album... lazy, I know, see track #36. All in all, though, I don't see that there would be any major complaints.

    It features tracks from the likes of Slightly Stoopid, MGMT, The Kinks, Fatboy Slim, Morcheeba, Nightmares on Wax, Lemon Jelly, Daft Punk, Kinobe, Fun Lovin' Criminals, Common, People Under The Stairs, Pete Rock, DJ Marky, Danny Byrd and D-Kay, amongst others.

    >>Click here to download it<< - 375MB, 58 tracks.

    Suggestions for tunes that would fit in the playlist are very welcome indeed. Broad horizons mean you're never bored.



    From the tunes you posted, I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy the majority of the songs on there if you fancy a 375MB download. The version I listen to now is tweaked and altered, but not different enough to justify re-uploading.
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    That playlist Mr. Happy made is actually pretty good. Crank that shit in an mp3, plug it in your car and you're ready for one happy trip to your favorite beach or other summer destination with your buddies. It's got a nice mix of tunes so pretty much anyone will enjoy it.
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    Cheers for that playlist! Summer is here thanks to a 3 day heatwave (forecast, but it's held up today) in the UK. Just combining them with some tunes for when I go to Italy next week :hai:

    Edit: Something stoopid? Oh my GOD. You just brought back so many memories, not least with "officer". Haven't heard that since I harvested an Auto-AK47 in mid summer and blazed it 2 weeks later as I couldn't wait for it to cure. So good. Words cannot describe.

    Here it is for those who don't know:
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    [ame=" - DJ Tiesto - Summer Jam (Remix)[/ame]

    [ame=" - Summer Jam by Underdog Project [Dance Remix][/ame]

    [ame=" - Yves Larock - Rise Up (Hollister Summer 2011 mock playlist)[/ame]

    ^ playlist
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    [ame=" - Alex Gaudino - I'm In Love (I Wanna Do It) ::: Official Video :::[/ame]
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