What do you do after sex?

RemadERemadE Global Moderator
edited April 2011 in Life
So the other day I had it off with a girl (I know, right! May as well celebrate..)

Anyway, for the first time in all my years blowing loads over/in/on females, I actually just chilled out and talked. For once I actually didn't get on my trousers and do a runner or get depressed and feel repulsed at this cum-dumpster staring me in the face. I usually come back and write about it, or just listen to music to make me forget it, but this girl was different.

Holy shit guys. I think..I think I like her :(

Anyway, what do you guys do after sex? And nothing stupid like "Put on my wizard cape". Also I just downed 250mg tramadol with no tolerance. Not sure why. Bring on the lectures!


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