What's your sleeping pattern?

RemadERemadE Global Moderator
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I usually get up and attempt to be ready before 9. I just like to be awake for the day as I like to get/achieve something. Lying in just fucks me off as I feel I have wasted time and precious energy when I could have gotten half an essay done.
As for going to bed, it's usually 3am-6am and it sucks. If I'm lucky I get 4 hours of sleep a night and a nap in the afternoon (30 mins to 1 hour to avoid being spun out upon waking). Last night was a great example as I got Charlie Sheen'd and cleaned my room at 4am, then wrote 300 decent words for my dissertation and got to bed at 7am, sleeping in until 12:30 to wake up to my door being kicked and me sleeping through an important meeting, feeling like poop.

So &T, what are your sleeping patterns?


  • jamie madroxjamie madrox Sith Lord
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    Im usually up from 11:30 ish till 3 or 4am. Unless I have shit to do.
  • kidgokidgo Regular
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    i just try and sleep when i can thats the problem ...... normally dont get much time to myself to sleep when im in festival season 24 hour music and being the sound techhy normally makes it so i need to be up for whole festival or sleeping near by the equipment .... always problems or acts that want to link up there 9 midi keyboards
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    During the weekdays, I go to bed at 11:30, watch an episode of American Dad or Family Guy, then go to sleep at 12. I then sleep for about 7 and a half hours, eventually getting out of bed at around 7:45. On the weekends, I go to sleep much later after spending a lot of time on Totse, then wake up at around 9-10am :D
  • bra1234bra1234 New Arrival
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    Sleeping hum usually when I get tired,,,anywhere some nights as early as 10 pm and as late as 1 am I am up at 5am everyday,,,,,working sucks
  • SemSem Regular
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    Typically sleep from 2am to 7-9am on a regular workday. Non-work nights it's usually the same schedual give or take a few hours.

    Course I wake up every hour or so at night for whatever odd audio or tactile reason.
  • Turd_SmasherTurd_Smasher Regular
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    I wake up at 7am to watch Boy Meets World, and then go to bed around Midnight after the Colbert Report.
  • MordFustangMordFustang Regular
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    I often wake up, after sleeping for a period of time. Then, after having been awake, I usually go back to sleep.
  • RemadERemadE Global Moderator
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    I often wake up, after sleeping for a period of time. Then, after having been awake, I usually go back to sleep.

    O rly?
  • BoxBox Regular
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    1:30 am - 6:30 am.
  • Ad NauseamAd Nauseam Acolyte
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    Usually I'm up at 7:30am or so and go through until 5:00pm whereupon I take a short nap, or in some cases quite a long nap, and then I go to sleep at around 4:00am. That parts not so much choice, it's just the only way I get any work done.
  • RogueEagle91RogueEagle91 Regular
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    Wake up 8-9AM. Go to sleep around 4AM. Once a week or so my body makes me sleep a full 8ish hours.
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