Annoying fat pieces of shit

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I fucking hate fatass slobs that try to engage in small talk. I went out about half an hour ago to buy a fruit salad and while on the line, some ugly fat shit wearing suspenders says "hi." I look back and say "hi" and ignore him. He then goes on to some little rant about the prices and whatnot and he says,

"excuse me what's your name?"

And I tell him, "you don't need to know."

He then murmurs to himself and says, well "I'll call you Michael. My boy is called michael, michael mind saving my spot...

And I go off saying, fuck off you fat piece of shit, stop bothering me and stop talking to me. For fucks sakes, what is it with these kikes [he was wearing a kippah]

He then looks offended as if it's all MY fault and looks like he's about to cry, I get the fruit salad and throw it on his chest so hard that he stumbles back and kiwi and melons chunks go flying everywhere.

I then rush out so fucking pissed. I'm now HUNGRY, wasted about a quarter of an hour on the line, AND FUCKING PISSED.

Not to mention I can't go back there anymore. The cash register gal probably thinks I'm a psycho.


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