Overdraft protection tards

ocelotocelot Acolyte
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Goddamn these people are stupid. Overdraft protection is not going to make you a sophisticated adult, you aren't clever for having it you dumbfucks. You wonder where your money went? You idiot. It's a scam, plain and simple. Cancel that shit immediately. Some idiot on zoklet got owned real hard by this and it's so funny, but I don't have an account there so I can't laugh at him over there.


  • jewnosejewnose Regular
    edited June 2011
    To be fair, ocelot probably shouldn't have a debit card either.
  • RemadERemadE Global Moderator
    edited June 2011
    Never had an overdraft. I hate borrowing money, especially with the shit state the banks here are in., One day, £1,500 overdraft, the next? Letters and threats.
  • LSA KingLSA King Regular
    edited June 2011
    As long as you don't have to pay for the over draft protection its not a big deal. My credit union does it automatically and for free with no charge. I never had a need for it but its nice to know its there.

    BTW fuck you acolyte
  • Turd_SmasherTurd_Smasher Regular
    edited June 2011
    *puts on bicycle helmet, knee and elbow pads*

    *buys subscription to Lifelock to protect identity*

    *buys volcano insurance*

    *eats organic food*

    *dies of faggotry*
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