Plastic Bags

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I'm sure many of you, like me and almost everyone I know, re-use your plastic shopping bags. There are so many uses for a plastic bag. I keep all of mine and use them for such things as : carrying items, keeping electronics dry, picking up dog shit/vomit, huffing raid, dirty clothes on the go, trash bags. How do you re-use your plastic bags?


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    I use them as a sleeping mask so that the mosquitos can't get at me while I sleep.
  • SHANE14SHANE14 Regular
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    Pretty much what you said. I've always got some stashed in my car and take them when I go camping or anything. it's remarkably handy having a waterproof container for anything to containing dirty shit, or protecting shit from dirty shit
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    I use them as a liner for my wastebasket next to my desk. Once it's full with paper and whatever, I just pull the bag out and tie it up :thumbsup: Good stuff.
  • Turd_SmasherTurd_Smasher Regular
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    I put one over my cock, add lube, then put one over my hand, and jack off. Then when i finish, there is no mess to clean up.
  • JestAJestA Regular
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    I make home made gravity bongs out of them, line my trash cans. chop them up into little pieces and give them to my local jewish babies to play with
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