The Free Stuff Thread

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We will maintain and take care of this thread and hopefully in few weeks we will have a nice thread with updated links to freebies.

I will add the links later. If you want to contribute be my guest. Make sure to add something.

Sites for free stuff: (-SpectraL) (-SpectraL) [LMS] (BukkakeTsunami)

Free Books: [Shipping: NA] (-SpectraL) [Shipping: NA] (-SpectraL)

Accessories: [Free nicnacs, pens and flashdrives] [Shipping: NA] (Gustave)

Boxes: [You can get free boxes] [Shipping: NA] (Gustave)

NA= Not Available (means I haven't checked it yet)
(etc) = Name of the contributor.

I will keep updating the main list with links mentioned by users.

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