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I hope this will be better than ever. I am offering invites from all major trackers sites for dedicated Totse members. Post in this thread and users will contact you via PM for invites.

For private trackers please use PM. Do not post it here. I repeat do not mention private trackers in the open. They will ban your main account or warn you if they find it out.

Disclaimer for private trackers: We do not sell invites here. We aim to add new contributing members to the torrenting community. Please, don't ban any users from your tracker sites.

I am offering invites for demonoid and various private trackers. Totse users who are new to torrents or are looking for a stable tracker can get Demonoid invite from me. If you're into torrenting and want to move up the ladder then please PM me with your current torrent ratios. Take a screenshot.

I have limited tracker invites but I am sure others will chip in.

I am opening my arms wide open for my beloved community, I suggest we all do the same.

So, it seems that some major torrent trackers are going down. It started with Piratebay and then Demonoid fucked itself and now finally mininova is backing out. Which leaves us with private trackers and some alternatives.

So, if you're new to torrents or need to learn about or want to fix some torrent related issues check this thread. [DO NOT POST IN THAT THREAD

Or in short:
  • Download the torrent client. Utorrent
  • Config utorrent [Port forward/etc]
  • Download the torrent file.
  • Open it and start downloading.

A simple video explaining the process:
Now with that you know a little bit about torrents.

Now, lets select free/open trackers:
For private trackers:
  • pretome
  • iptorrents
  • Tehconnection
  • revTT

For those of you who like to watch series try this service:

Also, if you want to download torrents via the http method try this:


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