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If you base my fathers parenting skill soley on

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How many phones he bought me in my life, then he was the best I've ever known. Man I wad just on gsmarena and was looking at old phones I had. Holy shit my dad was a champ. We weren't even well off and my dad made sure I had a phone since 2001.

Nokia 5165, Nokia 3130, Motorola v60, Motorola t720, Motorola v9i, another Motorola I forget, Motorola RAZR and atleast 4 variants. A KRZR, PEBL, and like the last RAZR they made. This was up until July 2007 when I turned 18 and bought my own phone, a Samsung Blackjack 2, and an HTC inspire in April 2011. Phones have always been expensive, and my dad had to buy atleast 2 at a time, sometimes 4 of them at once.

I remember we got a bad batch of RAZRs one time and we got 4 free upgrades to even better ones. Like holy shit Cingular (became ATT) was incredible. Like my dad got atleast 30% his bill through work but still he had the the highest package possible for minutes, text, data, etc. The only thing that I could think of with his special treatment was that he was he king negotiater.

I wasn't irresponsible with my phones either. I had one get run over by a car, one was water damaged, and two had bad batteries. I really don't understand the reason why my dad gave me such an extensive catalog of phones over the years but paying for that shit myself really makes me grateful.

Back to a previous point, about my dad being a great negotiater. He was ore like the best complainer, analogy/metaphor maker, some kind of voodooish magic to make you think EVERYTHING HE SAID WAS LEGIT. I still try to mimic it but I'm much more empathatic if thats even a word and try to reason with people instead of going in guns blazing.

With this skill, I shit you not, my dad would not pay bills for months or even years. If our cable got shut off for not paying like a $2000 balance, he would call them and after like eight hours, itd be turned back on, with more channels or a better package, and at a lower monthly cost. Like LOL WUT. He could go without paying electricity or water for almost a year before they shut us off. We would usually have to camp that out for a week though lol, those companies don't take shit and often require craftier methods to negotiate. Thank god he knew a great doctor (nurse practitioner actually) with great staff who would send faxes and shit to the companies to restore service as a "medical emergency". lmao what a con.

When shit got down and dirty though, so did we. Taking off the meter and getting power back, going into the sewer and manually turning the water back on. Like they changed the sewer access lids bolts but we worked around it. They put interior locks, we dremmeled them off.

Ahhh shit was crazy, my dad is a good man and taught me how to get by by the skin of your teeth in life, which unfortunately has followed me. One of the worst things he taught me was the saying he'd use on companies trying to shut us off for something. "I can't pay you if I don't have the money, if I had it I would". If I could erase that idea in my head like leonardo dicaprio I would. It's the most ass backwards idea. It should be that you don't buy what you can afford. I don't truly understand it, I guess ill just try to be my own man.

Anyway, sorry if I went on a tangent, just did a lot of coke tonight and started jabbing at the keyboard ON MY PHONE NO LESS. I love my dad and everything he has done for me includong buying me a couple thousand dollars worth of phones.


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    I hope atleast one person reads this through as its the closest to a look inside my psyche as I an provide while be truthful.
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    Haha...been there with the cable thing. Helped my brother grind down a screwdriver to make a tool so that he could turn his cable back on without leaving any visible tampering on the box. Our water is off a cistern/well though.

    Sounds like a crafty motherfucker. I like that :)

    I also love coke, so chrome approves :D
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    Haha, this thread is awesome. Its almost like a 'triumph of the human spirit' type of story. Does your Dad take in any students? I want to learn the ways of the free water.
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    I have alot of resentment towards my dad cuz we never really developed a bond. One thing my dad is...a great worker. He new how to be a bread winner. He gave me shelter, he gave me food, he gave me clothes. Now I am older he tries to build a bridge with me. I can tell he really wants to but he has a hard time showing love.

    My conclusion is...
    He is the best dad he knows how to be. Because of that I love him.
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    I like the sound of your Dad, OP. Good tales of survival in a modern world :thumbsup:
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