Totse Instant Roll On, Making Your Love Life Better

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Have you ever seen a hairy asshole that smells of shit and looks like a forest full of dead animals and have you ever tried fingering it. As a professional rapist, I must admit I have seen my share of hairy forests. It's not hard when your doing it with a girl but when some boys or men are involved things become crowded.

I should to keep a patch of wax with me and whenever I try to rape someone, I would place the strip and yank it and remove the mess but it was painful and it didn't clean the other mess. For years I have been looking for that perfect product that could save me some extra time.

The raping business is crowded and many people make sure to make your job harder, even doing a shave before penetration is literally quite impossible. I had a near death experience while I was working with Dony (victim). I had to kill him in the end but it wasn't a good decision on my part.

So, what I needed was something that can get the job done and leave me happy. In comes Totse Instant Roll On, it's an amazing product which offers everything that a rapist needs minus the chloroform. It was invented by our beloved and holy father Dfg, who used to test various methods of raping using animals. In his careful studies on cats he found by removing the cat hairs and adding some perfume the penetration or sexual contact would be 20 times more satisfying.

With his new research he worked on an amazing product which looks like a Roll On but in reality it does amazing things. The patented one roll one world technology helps Totse Instant Roll On, to clean, shave and perfume the intended area.Using different chemicals the hair on the victim privates fall leaving a natural shave and then you get the amazing clean smell of perfume.

The end result is, a clean asshole or pussy in just 30 seconds, YES it's 30 seconds and the victim wouldn't be able to stop you. You just need to drop his/her pants and shove the roll on deep and cover as much area as possible. You wait 30 seconds while the formula does its work and then you get the ass of your dreams.

I have been using this product for a while and I must say, it's the best thing that has ever happened to me. Now, I don't need to kill my victims, one swipe does it for me. Hell, I use the same roll on for my face and it gives you the most awesome shave ever.

Try it and I am sure it will change your life.

To get a free sample Contact Dfg.


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