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The Underground Tunnel Thread ∞-INFINITY EDITION-∞

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Time for another tunnel.

I joined totse because of the tunnel thread, and that summer I joined I dug a 5 foot diameter, 6 foot deep hole through solid rock with a hammer, a shovel and a system of pulleys to get the rock out.

Now I'll actually have some help, a few of my friend suggested the idea to me that we need an underground room for stoner activities and other crazy shit.

We started tonight for about half an hour, and less then a few inches into the ground we hit rocks and lots of brown clay, so it should be fairly stable to tunnel through. Eventually we hope to have at least one underground room, as far down as we can dig.

I'm looking up the old tunnel threads on zoklet now, they have links to some good websites and books.
A good rule of thumb to avoid collapse is to ensure there is a thickness of earth on top (i.e. between the surface and the tunnel roof) that is twice the height of the tunnel you intend to dig.

Stuff like that.

I'm not planning on burying any shipping containers or anything. Just deep, and in such a way that minimal reinforcement is needed. The poor teenager way.

Thoughts, or resources I can read up on that would help me with this project?

Pictures tomorrow if I can find batteries.

Good Resources:

[Pictures] [Books]


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    That's such an awesome idea. I wish I could build tunnels around here, but we don't have much clay in our soil and the whole thing would be terribly unstable :( What are you using to dig this out?
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    Dude, send us pics of your hole.

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    Wow that's really cool, keep us updated please.
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    Couldn't find any batteries for my camera.

    We dug it a bit deeper and wider today, afterwards my friend who was helping cut his wrist on a broken dinner plate he was using to fan a fire we had going.

    starting to become a pain, hitting some good head sized rocks. I think I should find a long steel pole to pry them out with leverage and to loosen the clay, shovels suck dick at breaking up clay and rocks.

    Right now it's only two and a half feet in diameter and almost up to my knees when I stand in it.
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    If anybody is near liverpool in England I strongly recomend checking out the williamson tunnels.
    Allthough they have an online tour, seeing them in person is great.
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    I've thought about building a small tunnel system before but fuck all that digging. There would actually be a lot of good places to dig them around where I live but meh, I planned on digging one to where I'd be able to spy on my hot neighbor but she moved out. :(
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    I'm well up for digging a tunnel frommy Uni room to another one, or in my garden at home. Intriguing thread.
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    Use a trenching shovel, get the biggest, strongest shovel you can. Get one with a metal handle.
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