whats the best way to clean a metal pipe/bowl

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i need to clean the tobacco resin out of a metal pipe/bowl so i can give it back to my girl when she buys me my new one i was thinking of putting it in broiling water not sure the effect it would have on the pipe is this the best way or is there another i know when u want to get weed resin from a bowl to smoke you boiler it not sure if it works for tobacco since its so much thicker and nastier


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    Depends on if you want the resin or not. If not, just buy commercial pipe cleaner. You can order it online or get it at most head shops. The best way to get resin out of a pipe if you want to save is is use street cleaners. They are the long thin flexible metal things you find in the street left behind from the street sweepers.
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    Iso alcohol would be good too, but it might harm the finish if it is a wood pipe.
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    iso + salt is usually your best bet.

    Heavily dirtied pipes may take multiple days in iso to become clean.
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    If you want to save the resin then iso alcohol. Hell if you dont wanna save it use alcohol too.
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    Definitely iso+salt. Then put it in boiling water to make sure there's no salt left in the pipe.
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    I've found boiling my glass pipes in water for 30-45 minutes does the trick, although you'll want to be careful you don't break your glass piece (they don't like fast temperature changes). In order to not have breaking problems, make sure to put the pipe in the water before it boils, and when you are all done (your pipe looks clean) dump the nasty water along with the pipe (you may have to dump the water several times depending on how dirty the pipe) and resin onto a cheese cloth that is draped over a strainer. Wrap the hot cheese cloth around the pipe to make sure it doesn't cool down too fast and break (the hot cloth will keep the pipe hotter for longer, and allow it to slowly cool down). Use a pipe cleaner/paperclip to get the rest of the resin out.

    Done ;)
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    Hot water or Isopropanol are the things I swear by. For example if you leave the metal pipe and bowl (assuming you can take it apart) to soak in the hot water or Iso, then take an earbud/Q-tip and then give it a good rub over. Pay special attention to the bottom of the bowl and joining areas as tar can build up there. If you left it to soak in Isopropanol then wash it off in warm water well and leave to dry.

    Edit: Salt also works well, not least when swished round the bottom of a bong.
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