What's a good price for an SKS?

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I've been thinking of purchasing a gun lately for target shooting and some light hunting (Coyotes keep trying to eat my dog).

For a few years now I've wanted an old russian SKS, I don't really know why. I was wondering what the average price for /any/ SKS would be, and if anyone has any better suggestions. I've only really ever been target shooting with some .22 pistols, a .223 Rugar mini 14, and a pump action 12 gauge.

Whatever wisdom those wish to bestow upon me would be appreciated.


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    If ever in question on whether the rounds you use are corrosive, drop some windex down the barrel when you clean. This goes for any gun, but i found out about it from a fellow sks owner.

    Also, I've never had an issue with my Yugo when it comes to detachable clips. Maybe I just got lucky, but the ones I have come in and out just fine. The stripper clips do work well, though, especially considering you can nab them for only a few bucks.

    As far as your stock condition goes, structural problems are the only thing you really need to worry about (cracks and the like). Cosmolene (one of the primary things I see people bitch about when it comes to condition) comes off with brake cleaner pretty easily. Then just sand, stain, and seal for a good lookin' stock.

    Boozer's pretty on as far as pricing goes. Got my Yugo for $150, but that was a few years ago when guns/ammo were cheaper.

    Be aware of the lever that switches between the grenade launcher and standard rounds. When set to grenade, the gas is routed forward to the point that there is no slide kickback (meaning your next round doesn't chamber). Really fucking annoying if you don't realize what's going on.
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    for a russian 350 is an average/ok deal any less go for it any more reconsider because eventualy you will find one new noricos go for basicly the same thing but i have seen them much much cheaper

    yugos are honestly my least favorite sks i have had experience with i just dont like them that much due to the added weight and legnth of the grenade launcher
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    Sounds great, one of the reasons I'd like to get one is because I've always liked weapons that could use stripper clips. This is one of the most helpful forums on here, you guys know your shit, thanks :thumbsup:

    I had no idea that it was even legal anywhere to have any kind of grenade launcher attached to it. Golf balls and tennis balls? I gotta see a video of this. Thanks again guys :)
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    Anything over $325 is a rip off, because once you cross that line you are only a couple bucks away from AK territory.

    Granted if the stripper clip aspect is appealing to you, you may feel like going as high as $400. But be aware that anyone asking more than that is trying to take you for a ride.

    Yeah the "grenade launcher" doesn't operate or look like an M203, which is why it really confuses people when you talk about the SKS having one.

    But, basically, it is just an extension on the barrel that allows you to slip a "rifle grenade" over the muzzle and fire a round (or in some cases a blank) to launch the grenade.

    The grenade launcher on the SKS isn't a self contained launching unit or anything.
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    Yeah, its an old ass rifle, I figured people would know it wasn't an underbarrel. But it is a good point to make clear. I am not trying to be condescending.

    Nah man, it's cool.

    I was just clearing it up for him so he didn't accidentally think the device attached to his SKS would be considered a DD like a self contained 40mm launcher or anything.
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    I've actually seen the same style of grenade launcher on a friends rifle before he went off to collage. Now that I think about it, last time I saw the guy he was wearing a russian hat, walking around my friends house eating toast with his semi-auto AK on a sling :hai:

    Though I didn't know that last part, as long as the grenade doesn't have a self-contained launcher, it may not be considered a destructive device in some areas?
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    Anything with more than 1/4 oz explosive substance (This is from memory and the wording and quantities will most likely me off) is considered a DD. The grenade itself is a DD.

    I will edit this post will the for sure correct shit when I get back from class, but whats above is the jist of it.

    Yeah this is pretty much correct, though I don't know the exact amount.

    But launchers themselves like the M79 and M203 are also considered DDs.

    DD laws are just about as nonsensical as AOW laws, because the Street Sweeper and USAS12 (both just normal 12 gauge shotguns) are also listed as DDs :rolleyes:
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