What makes you happy?

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So after a pretty turbulent week of emotions and physical downfalls, I decided to write this list as a personal reminder to myself in times of need. I also figured people can chip in with their ideas. A list of things that you know make you happy are crucial when you're in that shit mood you feel you can't escape - and I know just how horrible and claustrophobic it can feel.
  • The company of good, trusted mates. I sometimes need a good slap to bring me back to being my usual self. A great example is when I was offered to have some company from one of my oldest mates, and although I declined, he still came over and a few shaky sentences later, I was feeling better already. Just someone to confide in and someone who knows how you feel. Takes away that lonely feeling although you may be reluctant at first.
  • A good movie or TV show. An attention span of 5 minutes either way, something to take your mind off it all.
  • Supportive family/other half. I realise not everyone may be as lucky as me, but it helps.
  • Pre-recorded snippets. I found this one out when I was walking topless along a motorway on the way back from an Army Barracks and I was buzzing. Sunny, singing my heart out and made a note to myself on my phone that a good mood is possible, and never to forget it. Listening back to it helped immeasurably.
  • Good music. Works wonders for me. Music plays a huge role in my life.
  • Firearms and/or explosives. As long as you aren't willing to look down the barrel or wrap yourself in explosives then go for it. Nothing like it.
  • A random walk. I frequently go for a ramble round the country lanes here, or just somewhere to get away from the place I associate with negative feelings.
  • A long term plan. Feeling shit for a day or two? Or even longer? Keep yourself amused. Don't sit in and look like shit. make an effort. Go have a hot shower, brush your teeth, wear some nice threads and just keep yourself occupied with any of the aforementioned.
  • Drugs. Ok so they aren't the immediate response. They used to be, but in the right circumstances when you feel genuinely panicky and all other options are unavailable. Know your limits and don't get fucked - you'll regret it even more. Like I said - only if anything else doesn't work. Drugs can make you feel great, but also make you feel 10x worse. Stay away from psychedelics in a bad mood, too. Any sort of negativity, no matter how small, can be amplified a lot more and you'll have a trip from hell.

Anyone got anything that works for them?


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    Sex, Drugs, and Rock N' Roll!

    Sex: Just the thought of me getting pussy makes me happy!

    Drugs: Lite up a joint or cut up some coke. Sure will put a big cheesy smile on my face.

    Rock: I love music in all. I can just sit and listen with ease
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    My kids can turn me around pretty quickly.. They are so silly, with the things they talk about.. It's hard not to start laughing.
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