I went somewhere during meditation?

edited September 2011 in Life
I was had a remarkably horrible day last friday.. My anxiety was going through the roof and I felt the imminence of a panic attack.. I sat down on the floor in my living room to do some deep breathing and meditation/prayer. I was concentrating on detaching from the issues that were causing my anxiety to brew. Once I am able to detach from the emotions surrounding my problems, it makes it easier for me to assess the situation and look toward a logical solution or plan of action. I always pray during meditation.. During my deep meditation and prayer on friday, though.. Something different happened.. I started to drift into what I can only describe as a different place. I don't know where, I don't know how.. I just know something weird happened. I felt a rush come over my body, kinda like a high dose of morphine in your IV. (Sorry, best I can describe it) It felt like a warm, and loving light was coursing through my blood. In front of my were lights. I want to say 2 bright lights, but it might have just been 1. The lights started talking to me. They were saying so much in my head.. It was like.. I couldn't hear them, but I knew what they were saying.. I can't quite describe it. I was told a lot of things about myself and my family.. About nature and humanity and how we all interact with each other, and how everything interacts with me, and what my purpose or place is in the interaction.. I honestly don't know what happened to me.. It very well could have been an intense dream from dozing while meditating.. But I feel as thought I was awake the whole time. When I came out of my meditation, I felt excited, hopeful, loved and eager to love. I still feel all of these things.. Whether it was just a dream, a hallucination, or just my mind getting carried away in deep thought.. I feel very different.. Lol sorry if I just sound bat shit.. But I just had to find out, has anyone ever heard of this happening or maybe had this happen?


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