i've killed and eaten a stray dog

xbcnfujvxbcnfujv Regular
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who cares... it was a fucking dog no one cared about to begin with... now that i've decided to take it's life for the sake of my own survival all of a sudden people bitch and moan about it?

go fuck yourself, asshole... logic always gets fucked over by emotion and that pisses me off.

i killed it humanely too.

it was very a friendly/stupid dog that came up to you wagging it's tale with it's tongue hanging out so it was too easy... i simply twisted it's neck real quick.... besides the nano-second high-pitched yelp it went down very, very quick... no torture, just a quick in-n-out.

i boiled it's legs in water and made a sandwich with sourdough bread out of it.

i'll do it again, too, bitch.


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