Longest time without a shower?

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Currently I've been without for a week. Longest time without was probably about 2 weeks. No reason or excuse, debating stretching it out for awhile, but realize I really shouldn't.


  • ducklipsducklips Regular
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    I would say a week. I can not imagine going any further than that. Even if it means I sponge bath from five gallon buckets or clean myself in a creek. It must get done.
  • SlartibartfastSlartibartfast Global Moderator -__-
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    we had no shower for about 9 days when we were renovating.

    I made do with a few Mexican showers. I would take a daily dump at the local pub and clean myself with towelettes and a tap.
    It was not nice.
  • BigHarryDickBigHarryDick Cock Bite
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    wow, even when i went on my homeless time i still managed to shower at least every other day.

    You people are sick.
  • ShadyTrollShadyTroll Regular
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    wow, even when i went on my homeless time i still managed to shower at least every other day.

    You people are sick.

    Fucking this.
  • RemadERemadE Global Moderator
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    Lol I imagined OP as a guy that had bright white teeth and a Hollister wardrobe - thus being as clean as can be.
    However I now reconsider.
    For me? About 2 days. I fucking hate not having access to a shower.
  • AverageAverage Regular
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    Probably 3 days in county, I was uncomftorble with it. But the smell was more uncomftorble after awhile.
  • StephenPBarrettStephenPBarrett Adviser
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    I tho.k the longest has been 2 weeks. Sometimes you just cant get a shower on the road. sometimes sleep is more important. That and sleep doesn't cost $10-$12.
  • duuudeduuude Regular
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    I can't imagine going weeks without a shower. Must suck. :thumbsdown:

    The longest I've been is only 3 days, but I was sweating my balls off every minute of every day.
  • GoingNowhereGoingNowhere Global Moderator
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    A week I think. Most of the time its when I go camping so a shower get a miss. However, no matter how long I skip a shower I still wash every morning so its no biggie.
  • buddhabuddha Regular
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    2 weeks, without any sort of bathing. months with only bird baths.
  • TraumTraum Regular
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    Went about a month an half without a shower right after Hurricane Katrina. Simply because we had no power/water. I did however carry some soap/shampoo with me to a lake a couple times though.
  • MooseKnuckleMooseKnuckle Regular
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    4 days. felt accomplished when she went down too :o
  • BurnBurn Regular
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    I've gone two weeks before. No showers in the middle of the outback.

    It's been 3 days for me now, but just cause I'm lazy.
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    I have no idea what's the longest I've ever gone for... Probably a few days. I get lazy with showers unless I have to see someone. Today I was out biking with a friend and I totally stink right now, I probably should have had a shower when I got home but I got too wrapped up with writing those guides for Totse. :)
  • Gary OakGary Oak Regular
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    Probably like a week when I was younger, and just didn't give a fuck.
  • Icee WeinerIcee Weiner Regular
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    Three days I think is the longest for me. I don't like to go too long without showering. Hair gets too greasy after one day for Christ's sake.
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