Well, Some Times Having a Real Friend Helps :)

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Well, I have been busy making plans for my LED LCD. I have two CRT monitors and they're a bitch to work with. I mean I love them but they're hot and they eat up electricity. Because of them, I can't even think of using a UPS. So, after some digging around, I finally collected enough money to afford a decent LED LCD panel but alas I was some money short. With just adding few more dollars I could have gotten better. I could wait but it was be like waiting for a week to get the extra money.

Today, like 30 minutes ago, Raven message me saying that this is a good monitor http://accessories.dell.com/sna/products/monitors_flat_panel_widescreen/productdetail.aspx?c=ca&l=en&s=dhs&cs=cadhs1&sku=320-9333 and you should get it. I was like, yeah brah but it's out of my budget. Guess what, he just send me money via moneybookers and now I can buy the LED LCD.

I would pay him the money back but still it feels good to have some on your side. He is collecting money to buy a Laptop. Obviously I would help me get the best deal possible and will chip in whatever is required. It's what best friends do. Raven is like a brother to me, but more closer than any real brother.

So, if all goes to plan, I might get rid of these damn CRT's and work on some decent display for once. It will help me improve my productivity and make things faster for me.

Oh, btw www.totseans.com is up and running. I will be working on it tomorrow. If you're interested in freelancing, PM me with what you can do. Also, Get a moneybookers account using this link. If you plan to work on freelance. It's sort of mandatory to have it. It's free and it won't take much time. Without it, I wouldn't be able to transfer funds or work together.

I will explain this side in more detail, but it's best to get started.


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    What's totseans.com?
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    :( I want more CRTs. Might possibly get a 30 inch or bigger HD CRT monitor, they're pretty cheap and still the best technology for quality, nothing beats em'. And any resolution you want.
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    What's totseans.com?

    Well, it's a website designed to help people earn money and help run totse.info.
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    I'm glad only 3 people, morseo including my close family and girlfriend, truly know me. Trust is hard to come by with me and so I'm glad I know I have a few real life mates who truly know me and would help me out.in any situation. A few examples were that a mate was homeless so he lived with my family, Tordek has had to look after me with my sudden flare up of crohns occurs, or I just need someone to vent to or share my violent desires with. Not least my Uncle and Nan have ties to East End gangs and Beretta. I like to think of my family as all equal, and my parents are like siblings to me. ToTSE has also provided me with many friends both online and IRL, so I'm damn grateful for that. A welcome escape from the world where I learn and have a laugh.

    Fuck. Wrote that all on my phone.
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