Bout to do some lazy man's tek

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With a little influence from vovins tek and nomans tek. Straight to base, gonna use either NaOH or KOH to basify, then pull with naphtha, recrystallize with heptane.

I have a couple questions.
1) If I use a small mason jar (400ml at most) to evap before the freeze precip, how much would it smell? Could I contain the smell of the fan/jar in the closet? I live in an apartment so I don't want it to smell like a fuckin meth lab or some shit.
2) If you have used KOH instead of NaOH, how effective was it? Also how pure should it be, I can get 99% pure lye but only 90% pure KOH. Is that ok or too dirty? I feel like the naphtha wouldn't pull out the impurities but fuck if I know anything about chemistry lol.
3) Is it ok to use heptane for pulls or should I only use it for reX?

Also is there any advice from those more experiences to me? Thanks for the help my fellow chemists.


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    Apartment chemistry, sounds like fun, I am not up on the most recent methods, but I can offer a little advice;

    Evaping solvents in an apartment is dangerous, I was making some oil using simple iso alcohol once and the fumes were detected in another unit, resulting in a visit from the local fire department. Nothing like having a bun in the oven as firemen stomp dirt around your carpet while sniffing for anything out of the ordinary.

    Doesn't the naphtha have to be hot to do this method? A dangerous thing in itself, not for apartment chemistry unless you have good ventilation of the non sparking kind. I would use whatever basifying agent has the highest purity, lye has stood the test of time, and I use the other stuff to clean my grill at night, so I would stick with lye.

    Of course, the big question is, once you have pulled the goods, how are you going to manage the rest if you are concerned about smell?

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    C/O, from what I know it as, the lazy mans tek is for extracting DMT. That's pretty much all the smell you have to deal with
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    I really want to try DMT. I do have an infographic/420chan screencap for it but a proper walkthrough would be great.
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    Yeah apparently heptane smells less than naphtha but it still is strong. like rubber cement kinda. It's better for pulls i hear. You can heat it to make it more efficient, the way i would do this is boil a pot of water, turn off the flame, let it go below boiling, then put the heptane in a mason jar inside the pot to heat it up. Although i have heard heating heptane makes it more polar, as opposed to naphtha which becomes less polar. so i fear pulling some plant material but i can get the heat right i think.

    I figure the smelliest parts I can do in my bathroom with the fan cranking since the window out of my room is the 2nd story, top story, and goes into this fuckin area with overgrown trees and a walkway nobody ever uses. And i'm hoping the smell will "float" if you catch my drift. For the collection of the crystals out of the heptane i'm going to evaporate only about a third of it (small 150mL or less pulls) then when it gets cloudy, cap it off and put it in the fridge, then freezer, back to fridge, etc. If you're interested look up freeze precipitation, shit's like magic from what i've read.
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    Also thanks for the lye advice i ended up going with it.
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