1 Billion + dollars of pure fucking ugliness...WoW!

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  • MayberryMayberry Regular
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    I wouldn't mind if that was my house :D
  • MantikoreMantikore Regular
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    nothing says "fuck you" to poor people like a stream of piss from the top storey
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    Looks like something from a 70's Expo, holy fuck what a dump. This is what happens when nobody has the balls to tell a rich guy he is being an idiot.
  • RogueEagle91RogueEagle91 Regular
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    Kind of looks like a high rise version of the slums, at least from the outside.
    If they added more rusted corrugated siding, it would fit the neighborhood.
    What a fucking moron...
  • ThirdRockFromTheSunThirdRockFromTheSun <b style="color:blue;">Third<em style="color:pink;">Cock</em>FromThe<em style="color:brown;">Bum</em
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    It'd be hilarious is there was no structual integrity, and it call came tumbling down when more and more people walk in.
  • dr rockerdr rocker Regular
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    I actually quite like the idea and concept of it from the outside - I think over time the idea is that the plants will grow and hand from it like creepers. Not some where I would live if I was spending $1B, I prefer to have a bit of land and not live in the city, but 3rd world / developing nations tastes are that the rich live in city centres, surrounded by slums / favellas whiles the peasants live in the countryside.


    The inside is fucking vulgar tho. You do not live inside an art deco cruise liner, then again, I would not be surpised to see Tiffany lamps on the wings of some Indians cars. Its all about tat.

    Would not be surprised if it was furnished by some one such as this.
  • mandingomandingo Regular
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    to each his own i guess
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