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My friend is fucking stupid

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My friend keeps getting back with his girlfriend even though she apparently makes him "want to kill himself." She pretty much says the same thing about him. I don't understand why they keep going out with each other if they have so much bad shit to say about each other when they are broken up for a *gasp* whole two days.

They are seriously fucking retarded, and the fact he hasn't realized shes bat shit crazy and is just going to make a false rape claim about him later on in life is fucking ridiculous. Every 3 months she claims someone new has raped her, even when it literally wouldn't have been possible for that person to do that.

The last claim was made up after she sat alone in her room all night on lsd. She made up some crazy ass story how someone who at the time was their best friend, came to her house late at night, talked her into coming and drinking over at his house (it was a school night for her and she wouldn't leave unless her boyfriend was there). Apparently while she was there, he dosed her drink and the drink of this other kid we are friends with, with ketamine. She apparently then gets raped by our friend and his friend (who's now dead, she claimed thats why he killed himself). Soon after that he apparently raped the other kid who's drink allegedly got dosed with ketamine and raped him.

And that's not the end of it. Apparently, I show up with one of her ex boyfriends, his girlfriend of the moment (I'll call her A), this other kid I'll call D and his girlfriend. We get there and apparently D locks everyone except for her exboyfriend and A out of the house. A then proceed to put a drill to her head to make her confess she was lying, and then put D an earth worm in her vagina.

Oh ya, A is also a 16 year old girl. Not really the drill wielding maniac you'd expect.

We asked everyone who was alleged to be there. Most of the people aren't connected and don't really know each other. Nobody remembers any of this and the day she said that this happened, was actually another one of our friends birthday. She, my friend she is dating, several of our friends (including the alleged rapist) and I were all hanging out that day. We didn't drink at all (part of the story was we were getting drunk before he had her come over). Her evidence that this all happened: She's missing a tshirt that she was wearing when it all "happened" and a weird bump on her head that she says must be from the drill.

And the fucked up thing is, my friend who is dating this stupid bitch probably knows she was fucking lying. It completely destroyed a lot of friendships because he sided with her. She made these claims to other people who would have no way of knowing whether not it really happened or not so they almost acted out in violence on my friend who allegedly raped her. She was also going to go to the cops about it, but apparently couldn't once we let everyone know what she was trying to do (that apparently got rid of all her evidence by doing that).

And this is just the most recent claim! She does this every couple of monthes. So the fact he doesn't realize she will do the same thing to him is fucking astounding. And beyond all of that, literally everyone hates her. She says the weirdest fucking shit nobody cares about. Nobody cares about the perfect fucking dog. Bitch was fucked in the head from the beginning, but extended use of hallucinogens has made her literally batshit crazy.

I fucking hate this bitch.


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    Lol I can't help you on that. I don't want to have to deal with taking a picture of her and looking at that ugly ass face longer then necessary.

    Sorry for the pointless thread.
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    Have you tried telling him he's a fucking idiot?
  • ThatfriedKidThatfriedKid Acolyte
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    Ya it slides right off of him. The kid is fucking retarded about this apparently. I've even heard him say his girlfriend is not completely right in the head. Idk why he would keep up with this chick when she's fucking nuts and is a complete bitch. He needs to get out of that shit because she's already talking about kids a lot with him :facepalm:
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    Hate to bump an old thread (I know you all could give a fuck less about any of this) but I have to bitch and moan.

    This bitch finally admitted she lied about whole thing and now expects everything to be all hunky dory. She thinks the guy she made the rape claims on is chill with her because she called and told him she knew he didn't do it. You don't falsely claim some one raped you and try to get them arrested/assaulted and then think shit can be all good afterwards.

    The ironic thing is, a week before she admitted she lied she had a sob fest while we were all drunk about how it really happened and all this bullshit. I literally laughed in her face because shes just so fucking stupid. She's a major attention whore and crying to people who don't know the situation is fucked up, obviously they're going to side with her when all they hear is that someone "raped" her. Whats hella fucked up is she blamed my friend who shes dating that he was responsible for all the times she got raped and then started hitting him. He's a big dude and didn't do shit back to her, just walked her home, but she still left fatty bruises on the kid.

    Our friends older brother finally gave that kid the talk and all he said was, "I don't care what you guys think, I love her!" :facepalm:

    This shit has gone too far.

    Sorry again for beatin on a dead horse of a thread, just had to vent some more bullshit.

    EDIT: Oh ya, it seems like shes cheating on my friend and had the balls to say he's cheating on her. The kids so god damned pussy whipped and she knows it, what point is there to accuse him of cheating unless she's just trying to fuck with his head. Or she's just projecting her own guilt. She's cheated on all her boyfriends before, I don't see why my friend would be a special case.
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    I would guess you are quite young otherwise you would have seen this sort of behavoir several times. Dont worry about it, just realise that some of your very good mates are going to make a decision to be with someone who is clearly not suitable as their life partner. Dont worry about being young tho, time will cure this.

    The only thing you can do is sit on your hands and wait - sometime the friend in question might not contact you until they need you - could be decades in the future. All you can do is wait until they need you and then go for some beer with them. Some times you go for the beer and you see that they are better off being with the person. Sometimes not. Such is life.
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    I tend to agree with the poster that said useless without pics haha
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