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What sort of [insert drug noun here] are you

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You read the title correctly. What sort of [drug noun] are you? This means
  • What sort of stoner are you?
  • What sort of Opiophile are you?
  • etc etc

I made this thread as I have met so many sorts of people that use the same drugs and are yet so different when under the effects of them. The same goes for me, especially when I am in a different mindset. It's also a good way to reflect on your current drug situation I thought. So without further a do...

What sort of stoner am I?
Weed usually makes me tired as a sloth. Ask anyone who knows me well enough and they can tell you my sole rescue when I am stoned is Lucozade. So much so in fact that my Girlfriend purchased 36-odd bottles of it for me. For the most part I just get tired and after an hour or so I fall asleep. Also as someone with an annoyingly chronic condition, I have to avoid the munchies like the plague. Thankfully I don't turn into a White Bob Marley. I used to mong out with a mate listening to Pink Floyd's "Echoes" for a while, lying down on the floor in a darkened room, looking at the lights and shapes our eyes would project onto our closed eyelids or the room around us. So weed had its magical appeal to me, and still does to an extent.
Sometimes, depending on my mood, be it happy - I get the giggles (but rarely now) or more often than not now, I just get a jittery wreck. The last few times I've gotten stoned, I had to do reality checks as my tolerance was so low. The red eyes and "shit, did I really say/do that?" kept haunting me. A bit like the beginning of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. After not smoking for almost a month though, I've certainly noticed an increase in my memory ability.

What sort of Opiate user am I?
For the most part, Opiates serve their function of killing my Crohn's pain. However sometimes they make me bloated as hell. It got to a point where I would avoid eating just so I could get my nod on, but I managed to somehow get blocked up twice, resulting in trips to A&E (UK version of ER). I feel pretty much invincible on them and after 6 years of taking them, I soon realised that they, especially Tramadol, sucked the life from within me. Opiates such as Codeine, Morphine and those sorts would do their job and more, but make me feel like I am in a fish bowl. Rubbing up against life with the squeakiness of a leather shammy. They also killed my ability in doses higher than 120mg to even think about getting a hard-on.
As for Tramadol, that shit in varying doses (depending on whether I have had a tolerance break) can stop me from finishing sexually. Sometimes I just have to give up. It has its uses as something to improve stamina, but other times it just takes the piss. Also as a mild SSRI agent, after a while of not having it, my brain tends to rebalance itself and the everyday activities of life come back with an almost euphoric buzz. However a physical addiction soon shattered that one into millions of nostalgic pieces. Other than that, Tramadol is usually good for a long work stint, as for some reason it focuses my mind and allows me to do the most boring of tasks for a good 4-6 hours. Kinda makes me a bit shit to know that a Student cannot work if he is buzzed, but it helps when I have a late night or a long Library session. Others drink, I pop pills. And?
I still have to take Opiates, but it's on a very minimalist basis. I feel a totally different person after 6 years of them - and Doctors throwing them at me like a sweets unto a Baby. It was a Catch-22 of needing them, but hating them.

What sort of tripper am I?
Psychedelics have always held a special place in my heart. Ever since I tried my first ever homegrown mushrooms, I have treated those potent little babies with the utmost respect. They introduced me to the spiritual side of life, as well as reducing the need for painkillers after a meditation session, got me great grades thanks to them buzzing me all night doing an A1 sized mind map (yes, you can probably imagine a psychedelic-inspired Mind Map session at 4am. Those sharpies seemed magical, and so did the presentation I was about to do 5 hours later), and appreciate the world in a totally new light. I don't take them often and would never sell any as nobody, I feel, should pay to experience the finer side to life (plus I need to know the mentality of the individual, as I would hate for them to have a bad trip). I will trip depending on what the next few days hold - as I need to plan. Tie up loose ends, turn my phone off, have a clear schedule and be comfortable in my own mind. It's amazing what a bit of Seretonin meddling can do. Giggles, enlarged pupils, a child-like wonder and the patience of a God. By far the best drug I have ever had the pleasure of taking.

What sort of smoker am I?
For some reason tobacco has negative connotations with me, so whenever I smoke, I just get nervous and jittery. I also like the fact that I never developed an addiction. Sure, having a pouch handy is useful if ever I get an anomaly of an urge, but it's not often. Usually just a social activity.

What sort of Benzo user am I?
Imagine being drunk but with no hangover. There. I say stupid shit, but if I keep my mouth shut, the world feels like it's been oiled up and the worries slip off my shoulders as well as people blending together well. However the dosage has to be just right. It's a personal favourite of mine before going out for a jog in the morning if I feel the sporadic urge. otherwise it's something of a lifesaver when my "must have meds" interfere with my mindset and cause me to be a paranoid, angry sonofabitch. I used to be addicted to Benzos during a past relationship as I couldn't deal with the shit I was getting, and so a few years passed where my bullshit attempts to get some from Doctors for any excuse possible would be shot down. However now I have them again, I also have a new-found respect for those small pills, and use them very, very sparingly.

What sort of drinker am I?
It's not often, but just the entire process feels dirty and short lived. My metabolism is too fast for me, so I drink a few pints and am drunk for a total of about an hour. The same goes for a bottle of wine. I just can't be arsed, plus the combination of another prescription drug and alcohol usually gives me heart murmurs, which sucks. Also the combination of a Gastro Medical Condition means I am limited to a very select few alcoholic beverages. But why do I need to drink (£5 for a 4-pack) when I can have 2 litres of Lemonade and some pills off the NHS for little over £1.20? :hai:

So there you have it. As far as I know these are the drugs and effects they have on me. I realise this topic seems very narcissistic, but it's a good way to reflect on yourself and others, to see how different drugs can effect you in different moods, settings and the like. I feel it's useful to know these to possibly identify problem times or mindsets, and discuss these with fellow users who may or may not experience the same.


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    What sort of stoner am I?

    the kind that gives ordinary marijuana users a bad rep
    What sort of Opiate user am I?

    the kind that shoots up tar in his hand and sleeps on his parents couch during the duration of the high
    What sort of tripper am I?

    the kind that ends up on the floor telling you to get the fuck away from me
    What sort of drinker am I?

    the kind that drinks and drives
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    Drinking and drivimg is bullshit its like how they tell you not to txt an drive or smoke with cigarettes

    I'm the stoner that has full tolerance and barely and just tokes up all day to live or play cod

    I'm the smoker that smokes cigs, ryo, filterless, cigars, blacks, dip, and hookah more tha everyone in world. I got some of that dohka and I smoke ecig now

    I'm the drinker that blabbers mumbles waxes philosophical and generally talks shit to people he knows but if I somehow drink in public I'm awesome like ifs ridiculous

    I'm the opiate user that quit

    Gay thread
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