embarasing moments during sex

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(not drunk)

fuck me... when i was 15, i fingered this mexican chick (same age) at her house and i smelled my fingers right in front of her... fucking bad idea... apparently, that made the mood very awkward for her to the point where she brought it up 2 minutes later and made a big fuss out of it... and i honestly, didn't have an answer for it... she started calling me a fucking a weirdo and then her bitching and moaning made me just said fuck it and leave... we haven't talked, since. (true story)

(kind of drunk)

and a few months back this half white and half asian chick i got to fuck (3 years younger then me) was riding me and i farted and it was a very gaseous fart to the point where she basically threw herself off me and started bitching at me while i couldn't stop laughing... and then she started putting her clothes back on... i was fucking pissed... really pissed... because she was so fucking hot... you can tell she never ate fast food her whole life and she was just plane eye candy... she started bashing me just because i fucking farted... couldn't fucking believe it... a fucking 20 year old making me feel like a piece of fucking shit when it was her being a fucking cry-baby to begin with... i just farted... wow! big deal! me laughing is what drove her off. (true story)


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    I my book fucking+farting= funny
    I did a few times all my wife did was laugh find a girl with a sense of humor.
    Let one rip on first date if she laughs you know you got a keeper.
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    Me on top + sneezing + cold = bad outcome
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    Doggy style mishap.... if everything feels tighter than normal, GET OUT. IT'S THE WRONG HOLE

    A few times we got caught in public too, but eh, no biggy.

    Oh, just remembered:

    beach = sand
    sand + eating out = sandy mouth for a week.
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    orgies with unexpected people filming.
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    Banging away at the missus one time and my mum just barged and blurted out that my granddad had died....killed the mood just a little.

    We were just having a normal shag one time and a picture fell off the wall and missed her head by a few inches.
    There was also the time where she started sneezing, just as I was coming, that felt fucking great on my cock.
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    I once laughed at American Dad while getting a blowjob.

    She almost bit my cock off :facepalm:
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    the misses fucking herself in the arse while shes on top..... only to find theres shit on my cock! loled hard, i wanted to keep going but she ran away


    forgetting that you have a secret spycam in your car and fucking a slut then showing your mates the video of you fuking her inthe arse when shes crying and not stopping
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    Sex is serious business, if you fart during it, it ruins her fantasy that you are Fabio or Edward or whoever they picture these days.
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