Some people live in their own little world, I swear... — Totseans

Some people live in their own little world, I swear...

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Just took a trip to the shop to buy some food, and I was making good time until I reached a bunch of stupid Chinks ambling along, straddling the whole pavement and just being generally Foreign. They were either being idiots or they were too blind to actually realize that I was trying to get past, but I eventually managed to make my way ahead. "Alright, back up to speed again", I thought to myself. The rest of the journey was alright, and I went straight into the toilet when I reached the shop as I needed to take a leak. What was I greeted with upon reaching the bogs? Some fat old bag who had parked her shopping trolley across the corridor so that no one could actually get past :facepalm: I said "excuse me", but she was too busy gassing to her friend to even notice me there. I eventually just shoved her trolley out of the way and went through, and she gave me an evil stare as I went into the Gent's room.

As I was walking around the store, I was greeted by much of the same thing - people walking slowly along, completely unaware of their surroundings with a dazed look on their faces. What's wrong with these idiots? It's not like it's difficult to be aware of what's going on around you, they must have all driven a car at some point in their lives and it's exactly the same principle. Check your mirrors, check your blind spot, use your eyes, your ears, your fucking BRAIN.

Man, that was good to let out. I dunno what it is about people which annoys me this much, but personally when I go to the shop for example, I'll know exactly what I want before I go there. I'll go straight to the product, put it into my basket, and carry on. No bullshit, just getting in and out as efficiently as possible because let's face it - no one enjoys being in a supermarket full of grannies for more than 10 minutes.


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    I actually enjoy walking about the grocery stores and sometimes will wander about for a half hour not even buying anything.
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    I fucking hate shopping.
    Normally go midweek so its all oldies, thank fuck for sainsburys and 3 trolly wide lanes. Even then I often smash peoples trollies out the way if they block it, just to prove a point.
    Stupid old fuckers.

    Used to shop at asda but the "music" they pump out and the chavs with 6 kids made me leave, who cares if its cheeper.
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    The worst thing is when you're walking down a narrow path and you see a group of people walking the opposite way, walking next to each other. Blocking your route.

    I was taught that the polite thing for them to do is to line up behind each other until i pass. NOBODY DOES THIS. It really pisses me off. You're right BTW, it's always chinks who do that.

    What i do now, is just stop in front of them. That forces them to move around me.

    Otherwise we bump into each other like idiots. :facepalm::facepalm:
  • Darth BeaverDarth Beaver Meine Ehre heißt Treue
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    Most people walk and drive like octogenarians fuck, slow and sloppy.
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    I hate it when fucking morons will walk super slow in front of you. Especially the chinese, they do it a lot. It's usually fat old women for me though. Why can't it ever be a 20 year old hotty with a tight ass?
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    I hate it when you're walking along the street and some idiot (usually a Chink) is coming straight towards you. I take the decisive approach and it usually turns out fine, by making eye contact with the dude coming towards me and keeping a straight path so that the other guy gets the message that I'm gonna continue straight without moving. Sometimes though, the Chink coming towards me doesn't get the god damn message and we end up doing some stupid sidewalk shuffling before passing each other :facepalm:
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    I live in somewhat of a Chinatown and this is ALWAYS a problem. I'm guessing it's because these foreigners are so used to being crowded in China that they don't have a hurry to go home and are used to the delay. With these type of people, you just have to shove your way through. Don't worry about the evil stares, they're used to being treated to shit. I do it everyday when I have to get to the subway, just kick them and shove them, they're used to it; there's no point in excusing yourself, they love the treatment. Not to mention when I do the laundry and try to get my cart down the little curb; they get directly in front of me; sucks for them, I just run over their feet. They don't cry, moan or shout. You should see them in sweatshops. Their own Chinese bosses literally slam their head on the Singer sewing machine; the operator usually just cries and continues on sewing. I guess after years of intense humiliation, they really don't give a fuck anymore. I haven't met one chink that's stood up for himself or called me out on shoving him to a wall. The Chinese are plague, just learn to treat them like shit and who knows, they might move out of the way next time. :thumbsup:
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    We're living with a bunch of fucking zombies. People who'll pay no attention to you unless they want something.
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    trx100 wrote: »
    stupid Chinks ambling along, straddling the whole pavement and just being generally Foreign.

    That is the funniest thing I've read all week.
    Whenever I go shopping it's mid-week, mid-afternoon/early morning and so the only people I have to endure are the mentally ill, OAPs and chavs. However I tend to get shitfaced before shopping and put the iPod in so I have some Social masturbation to distact me.
    Recently though there have been a load of markets and posh people in my City and they just take up the entire place. Swamp it. I had to get a bus yesterday and was clearly in a hurry with a huge backpack on...but no...their order of chocolate crepe was more important than me earning money.

  • dr rockerdr rocker Regular
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    I hate it when some fucking gaijin is jostling to get past me.

    In reality I just march past them with my massive germanic stride.
  • chippychippy <b style="color:pink;">Global Moderator</b>
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    I love going shopping during the rush hour. I always make sure I have plenty of time to enjoy the experience. I usually amble down the isles with my large, mainly empty trolley at right angles beside me, stopping every couple of paces to peer myopically at something on the shelves. I like to read labels hahaha.
    There is always one guy that true to form, hasn't got the time or manners to go with the flow. That's when shopping gets interesting. When he has managed to barge past me, I reverse direction and speed up like greased lightening to block him on the next isle and so on. Hopefully to beat him back to the tills where I chat for ages and generally hold the queue up as long as I can.
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    I blame TV and poor diet for their being in a constant hypnotic stupor. A sluggish cognitive tempo, and no desire to face consensus reality. Makes cheap worker drones that have no vision or motivation to do anything else..On the other hand, there is no point in going balls out all the time when you don't need to. As if you were Neo in the Matrix, and the fate of humankind depended on you acquiring milk. It's comical when people act that serious about menial bullshit. Though traffic especially is somewhere that fucking off shouldn't be tolerated. The reason there are roads in place is so you can get where the fuck you need to be. So if you got somewhere the fuck you need to be, drive like you got somewhere the fuck to be. I wish I had a predator drone uplink in my car for getting rid of some of these dipshits.
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