Just tried jenkem..

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Hey guys I haven't really posted here but I figured I'd share my jenkem experience with you guys.

So anyway, I read about this thing called jenkem. At first I didn't believe it, but then I started to hear more and more about it, so I figured maybe there must be some truth to it :confused: so anyway, I thought that this would be really gross but I wanted to get high and I have no money so I guess I gotta do what I gotta do.

I live with my sister so I had to try to keep this secretive. I got a bowl, a 1L coke bottle, a spoon, and a funnel. I went into the bathroom and left the shower running so it would disguise the noises that might be suspicious. I pooped into a bowl (very squishy almost diarrhea) and then peed into it too. I used a spoon to mix it all up and make it very soupy. Then, using the funnel, I poured the solution into the bottle. Some got on my hands and some of it sloshed out onto the floor onto the carpet in front of the sink and I couldn't get it cleaned up very good. It stained the pink carpet. Not sure how I'm going to explain that one :mad: anyway I get everything cleaned up except for the stain and I cap the bottle up and put everything up in the kitchen. When I got back to my room, I put a balloon over the top. I hid the bottle under my bed for a while, then moved it to a place outside where nobody would find it.

I waited for a week, then went and checked on the bottle, the balloon was filling with gas. I was excited, I was finally going to get to try it. I take the bottle and hid behind the dumpster in the apartment complex we are living at. I held the balloon pinched so no gas would escape and then sat down. All I can remember is inhaling the gases and holding it in like I do with air duster as long as I possibly could.

All I remember is waking up and having a very nasty taste in my mouth. I think I should have probably inhaled less, but I guess I'll just have to try it again. Anyone else have this problem?


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    I recommend that you construct a proper jenkem fermentaton chamber with a release valve. A 10" section of 3" pvc pipe with a threaded endcap, and on the other end, have a 3" to 3/4" bushing. Then connect a "T" connector to that. On one end of the t connector, attach a PSI gauge. On the other end, attach a butterfly valve. On the butterfly valve, attach a 3/4" to 1/4" hose nipple. On the hose nipple, attach a length of about 1.5 feet of tubing. You will spend about $15 on all this, but it will greatly enhance your jenkem experience. I will try to model a proper diagram on Sketchup.

    Operation of the device is straightforward.

    Via the endcap, it will be a snap to fill and empty the fermentation chamber. Insure the butterfly valve is in the 'off' position. Fill the fermentation chamber. The pressure gauge will let you know when your Jenkem mash has hit a plateu in fermentation. Generally when it gets to be around around 15psi, your Jenkem is ready. Bring the tubing to your lips, and gently open the valve. Breathe in for 2 seconds, then pull away and inhale air for 1 second. Repeat this 4 times in rapid succession. Hold for as long as possible, then exhale. It is highly advised you have a trip sitter for your Jenkem voyage.

    Good luck!
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    Alright. I'll post pictures of it when I'm finished.
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    if you think jenkem is good you havent lived untill you have tried bannadine
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    This thread made me LOL, I'm happy now that I wrote that guide on how to make jenkem - hopefully someone actually used it :thumbsup:
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    Just tried it again, same result. How can I keep from blacking out? I want to enjoy the experience, not wake up feeling 'shitty', hehe.
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    The post above your contains the inforamtion you seek.
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    Kudos for having the guts to do it, I would go anywhere near anything to do with excreter.
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